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Globalization and the Environment
Globalization and the Environment (August 2004)
Greening Global Political Economy
Gabriela Kutting - Author

Examines how globalization and the environment are connected issues.

This groundbreaking study brings together economic globalization and the environment as never before. Gabriela Kütting argues for an "eco-holistic" approach that merges social, political, economic, and environmental analysis, so that a globalizing political economy may be understood in relation to environmental and social concerns. Key...(Read More)
Civilizing Globalization
Civilizing Globalization (January 2003)
A Survival Guide
Richard Sandbrook - Editor

Discusses the many facets of globalization in easy to understand language.

Many citizens suspect that the ecological, social, cultural, and political costs of free-market globalization are too high. Yet at the same time they often lack the technical knowledge to assess complex proposals intended to deal with these issues. Written by a uniquely diverse group of academics, policy analysts, and activists, Civilizing G...(Read More)
Grasping Land
Grasping Land (February 1997)
Space and Place in Contemporary Israeli Discourse and Experience
Eyal Ben-Ari - Editor
Yoram Bilu - Editor

This volume explores various processes associated with constructing what has variously been called "The Holy Land," "Eretz Israel," "Zion," Palestine," or "Israel". The contributors focus on ways the landscapes of Israel figure in creating and recreating the identity, presence, and history of groups living there. The book critiques the assumptions lying at the base of various spatial practices related to Zionism. It does this through both a theoreti...(Read More)
The Partition of Palestine
The Partition of Palestine (December 1994)
Decision Crossroads in the Zionist Movement
Itzhak Galnoor - Author

"The merits of this study are of an uncommon order. It is an impressive use of rich historical materials by a political scientist to clarify crucial concepts -- state, nation, territory, sovereignty, boundaries -- and to probe fundamental issues. Galnoor examines the relative importance of geography and politics, pragmatism and ideology, in the choice among options on a fateful issue that is suffused with passion; the decision process; coalition-bui...(Read More)
Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks
Sacred Geography of the Ancient Greeks (December 1994)
Astrological Symbolism in Art, Architecture, and Landscape
Jean Richer - Author
Christine Rhone - Translator

This book provides proof of the existence and explains the significance of planned alignments between classical temples and oracle sites over a wide range of territory, pointing to an astrological system of planning in the ancient world. This system of symbolism may be used predictively and is supported by all relevant artifacts. Here is a unifying approach to the study of geomancy in the ancient world as a whole.

Richer has found a network o...(Read More)
From Combines to Computers
From Combines to Computers (November 1994)
Rural Services and Development in the Age of Information Technology
Amy K. Glasmeier - Author
Marie Howland - Author

"This book targets an important but little understood element of the rural economy and systematically debunks some prevalent myths about changes that are occurring in rural America. While doing this, the authors clearly articulate key theoretical issues about rural socioeconomic change and convincingly ground their conclusions with their empirical analyses." -- Forrest A. Deseran, Colorado State University

"This is the first large-scale, sys...(Read More)
Oil in Troubled Waters
Oil in Troubled Waters (April 1994)
Perceptions, Politics, and the Battle Over Offshore Drilling
William R. Freudenburg - Author
Robert Gramling - Author

In some coastal regions of the United States, such as western Louisiana, offshore oil development has long been welcomed. In others, such as northern California, it has been vehemently opposed. This book explores the reasons behind this paradox, looking at the people, the regions, and the issues in sociological and historical contexts.

What has been in very short supply on this issue, as in a growing number of other cases of technological g...(Read More)
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