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Democratization and Social Settlements
Democratization and Social Settlements (August 1995)
The Politics of Change in Contemporary Portugal
Daniel Nataf - Author

Examines the transition to, and consolidation of, democracy in Portugal following the revolutionary events of 1975, during a period of major changes in socioeconomic structure. Nataf emphasizes that not only political institutions but also the fabric of social relations were uprooted, and he compares the Portuguese case to other models of European democratization and postwar settlements.
"This constitutes the first book-length study of th...(Read More)
Post-Theory, Games, and Discursive Resistance
Post-Theory, Games, and Discursive Resistance (January 1995)
The Bulgarian Case
Alexander Kiossev - Editor

This anthology of mixed-genre writings on East European political culture examines the aesthetic character of Eastern Europe before and after 1989, the beginning of a "post-totalitarian age."
This book consists of a dialogue of genres (fiction, parables, essay, analytic, programmatic) on the topic of Eastern European political culture before and after 1989. These texts introduce us to a reexamination of the aesthetic and political charac...(Read More)
Becoming Women/Becoming Workers
Becoming Women/Becoming Workers (September 1994)
Identity Formation in a French Vocational School
Catherine Raissiguier - Author

This book traces the experiences of young French and Algerian women students in a Parisian vocational school--how they negotiate their class, gender, and ethnic/racial identities in relation to school, family, romance, and future work in a changing and unpromising economy. Drawn from classroom observations and personal interviews, the book provides a theoretical framework for analyzing the complex network of cultural and historical discourses, limi...(Read More)
Gods of Play
Gods of Play (August 1994)
Baroque Festive Performances as Rhetorical Discourse
Kristiaan Aercke - Author

"While most scholars who have worked on the relationship of art and power in the Renaissance and Baroque ages have limited their focus to one national tradition, or at best to England, France, and Italy, Aercke brings the baroque spectacle performance to life as a truly pan-European phenomenon, as interesting for its common characteristics as for its particular formulation in particular courtly settings. The depth and breadth of his research are mo...(Read More)
Catching Up?
Catching Up? (October 1993)
Organizational and Management Change in the Ex-Socialist Block
Andrzej Kozminski - Author

"It descends beneath the aggregate level and provides concrete cases about how East European economies are changing. It is refreshing in its evidence and original in its approach -- a fascinating account of East European restructuring." -- Alice H. Amsden, New School for Social Research

"The book leads us to discard ideological media hype, and forces us to assess a rather uncertain future with solid, empirical evidence. It provides insightf...(Read More)
Religion and Social Change in Modern Turkey
Religion and Social Change in Modern Turkey (July 1989)
The Case of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi
Serif Mardin - Author

"In terms of both content and treatment, Mardin's book ranks very high among the few serious books devoted to Islam in modern Turkey. It is a definite step forward in the understanding of a subject hitherto clouded in propagandistic generalities. Bediuzzaman was the most significant Muslim thinker in twentieth-century Turkey, and the account of his case provided by Mardin is an important contribution of unusual value and sophistication to the curr...(Read More)
Development of Class Structure in Eastern Europe
Development of Class Structure in Eastern Europe (December 1988)
Poland and Her Southern Neighbors
Aleksander Gella - Author

Emphasizing the development of class structure, this book is the first in English to describe the historical and social development of Poland, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and Romania from medieval feudalism to modern capitalism. Historically these countries have maintained mostly peaceful relations among themselves in the past and now share the common characteristic of being Soviet "satellites." The author has devoted particular attention to Poland b...(Read More)
Modern European Culture and Consciousness, 1870-1980
Modern European Culture and Consciousness, 1870-1980 (June 1983)
Paul Monaco - Author

On both personal and public levels the past century has brought Western Europeans some of the most devastating episodes of human history. Paul Monaco identifies the major modes of consciousness that Europeans have developed as ways of interpreting their experiences.

Europe appears to many Americans as an aging dowager with a grand past but little future. Yet, beyond the stereotype lies the complex reality. The U.S. and the...(Read More)
Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism
Class, Politics, and Early Industrial Capitalism (June 1981)
A Study of Mid-Nineteenth Century Toulouse, France
Ronald Aminzade - Author

Ronald Aminzade provides an original analysis of how the development of early industrial capitalism transformed the political landscape in mid-nineteenth-century France and gave rise to the revolutionary political upheavals of 1848 and 1871. In a detailed local case study of the city of Toulouse, the author carefully documents how the developing solidarities and antagonisms of social class were reflected in the changing character of working-class a...(Read More)
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