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Images of American Life
Images of American Life (July 1992)
A History of Ideological Management in Schools, Movies, Radio, and Television
Joel Spring - Author

This book analyzes the effect of political and economic forces on the ideas and values disseminated to the general public by schools, movies, radio, and television. The author shows how similar and conflicting political and economic pressures influence education, movies, and broadcasting. The book provides an understanding of how ideas are shaped in American society by the interplay between government power, private enterprise, and organized advoc...(Read More)
Time to Write
Time to Write (July 1992)
The Influence of Time and Culture on Learning to Write
John Sylvester Lofty - Author

"In the world of language education, there emerge few books that have an immediate and telling message--books that startle by the very simplicity and obviousness of what they say. John Lofty has given us just such a volume. One could see the book as another 'critical' attack on schools as they are presently constituted; like Shaughnessy and Heath, Lofty is above that easy answer, and like them he writes out of love for all those he describes. A...(Read More)
Toward a New Science of Educational Testing and Assessment
Toward a New Science of Educational Testing and Assessment (February 1992)
Harold Berlak - Author
Fred M. Newmann - Author
Elizabeth Adams - Author
Doug A. Archbald - Author
Tyrell Burgess - Author
John Raven - Author
Thomas A. Romberg - Author

"In education today, there are few topics that are more significant than assessment. With current restructuring efforts and the hue and cry for accountability, it is essential that educators and educational policymakers seriously consider the issues presented in this book.

"Four states--California, Connecticut, New York, and Vermont--are moving in the direction recommended in this book. The number of interested states is grow...(Read More)
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