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Representation and Design
Representation and Design (February 1997)
Tracing a Hermeneutics of Old English Poetry
Pauline E. Head - Author

Examines Old English poetry from the point of view of its interpretation, drawing on Anglo-Saxon pictorial art as a model for the interaction of representation and design.

Representation and Design examines Old English poetry from the point of view of its interpretation, beginning with the assumption that Anglo-Saxon concepts of reading were probably very different from those that dominate our own literary culture...(Read More)
Textual Bodies
Textual Bodies (January 1997)
Changing Boundaries of Literary Representation
Lori Hope Lefkovitz - Editor

Illustrates changing definitions of bodily limits, integrity, transgression, sexuality, and violation in the history of the Western canon.
In lively and accessible essays of literary criticism, this book approaches literature from classical times through the present with an emphasis on the place and treatment of the human body in the Western textual tradition. The work serves the double purpose of providing new, original, and provocative ...(Read More)
Yeats and Alchemy
Yeats and Alchemy (January 1996)
William T. Gorski - Author

This book traces the development of alchemical discourse in the work of W. B. Yeats. His early essays and Golden Dawn transcripts demonstrate that for the poet, the alchemist was both artist and initiate. Gorski considers the themes of transformation, apocalypse, and futurity in relation to Yeats' alchemical representations of the 1890s. He uncovers Yeats' postmodern trajectory--to reconstitute the body, history, and material contingency which Yeats...(Read More)
The Ludic Self in Seventeenth-Century English Literature
The Ludic Self in Seventeenth-Century English Literature (September 1991)
Anna K. Nardo - Author

"The Ludic Self is refreshingly well written in clear prose that details the case for a playful reading of the seventeenth-century writers the text considers. As Nardo points out, many of these authors have been thought of as 'playful' in the past, but I know of no text that provides such a convincing view of their playfulness, in large part because Nardo's view of play is such a useful one and is so carefully and thoroughly presented. At t...(Read More)
Beyond Marginality
Beyond Marginality (November 1985)
Anglo-Jewish Literature After the Holocaust
Efraim Sicher - Author

In a unique study of Anglo-Jewish writers in the post-war period, Dr. Sicher traces through their works the story of the rise of the Jewish community from slum poverty to suburban affluence. This period is one of crucial social change in Britain. At the same time, Dr. Sicher raises serious questions about the modern writer's cultural and ethnic identity. In this process, Dr. Sicher advances the thesis that, under the impetus of the Holocaust, t...(Read More)
Ireland (June 1984)
Life and Land in Literature
William A. Dumbleton - Author

The essence of the Emerald Isle is captured in this book, which introduces the reader to Irish literature as it reflects and illuminates the history and culture of the people of Ireland. William Dumbleton has painted an impressionistic portrait of the country and its literature, focusing, where it serves to bring out the essential pattern, on relevant or exemplary works by such writers as Maria Edgeworth, William Butler Yeats, James Plunkett, ...(Read More)
The Comic Irishman
The Comic Irishman (June 1984)
Maureen Waters - Author

The Comic Irishman makes heretofore unacknowledged distinctions among different types of comic Irishmen and convincingly casts away the stereotyped version of the stage Irishman. It shows how the Irish comic character--whether a blundering fool or a lazy, fun-loving fellow--evolved into a glib and witty rogue.

The book is a critical study of modern Irish fiction and drama. The first part provides an analysis of the various Irish comi...(Read More)
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