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Inscribing the Hundred Years' War in French and English Cultures
Inscribing the Hundred Years' War in French and English Cultures (September 2000)
Denise N. Baker - Editor

Examines the impact of the Hundred Years' War on French and English literature of the period, revealing the ways in which history influences literature and literature intervenes in history.

This book explores the intersection of the Hundred Years' War and the production of vernacular literature in France and England. Reviewing a range of prominent works that address the war, including those by Deschamps, Christine de Pizan, Gower, Lang...(Read More)
Gestural Politics
Gestural Politics (June 2000)
Stereotype and Parody in Joyce
Christy L. Burns - Author

Explores James Joyce's use of parody and humor in his representation of women, gays, and Irish nationalism, and discusses how his complex attitude toward parody and stereotyping is related to his aesthetic vision.

Gestural Politics explores James Joyce's use of parody and humor in his representation of women, gays, and Irish nationalism. Author Christy L. Burns also discusses how Joyce's complex attitude toward parody and stereo...(Read More)
Sexing the Text
Sexing the Text (February 2000)
The Rhetoric of Sexual Difference in British Literature, 1700-1750
Todd C. Parker - Author

Charts the emergence of a new kind of heterosexual rhetoric in eighteenth-century British literature, providing a nuanced reinterpretation of gender and its role in the major genres of the period.

An important contribution to the study of the history of sexuality, this book examines the emergence of a new kind of heterosexual rhetoric in the early eighteenth century, a rhetoric that ultimately displaced earlier and more diverse express...(Read More)
Beyond Sensation
Beyond Sensation (December 1999)
Mary Elizabeth Braddon in Context
Marlene Tromp - Editor
Pamela K. Gilbert - Editor
Aeron Haynie - Editor

This is the first book to address the entire career of this key Victorian author.

Mary Elizabeth Braddon, journal editor and bestselling author of more than eighty novels during the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, was a key figure in the Victorian literary scene. This volume brings together new essays from a variety of perspectives that illuminate both the richness of Braddon's oeuvre and the variety of cr...(Read More)
Promising Language
Promising Language (December 1999)
Betrothal in Victorian Law and Fiction
Randall T.Craig - Author

Argues that Victorian legal, linguistic, and cultural attitudes toward promises--especially promises to marry--had a formative effect on novels of the period.

Promising Language
explores the linguistic and social ramifications of promising, and specifically promising to marry, in Victorian fiction. The concept of the promise--as speech act, as social practice and legal contract, and as structural principle and topos--lie...(Read More)
The Return of the Repressed
The Return of the Repressed (September 1999)
Gothic Horror from The Castle of Otranto to Alien
Valdine Clemens - Author

Examines the psychological, cultural, and political implications of Gothic fiction, and helps to explain why horror writers and filmmakers have found such large and receptive audiences eager for the experience of being scared out of their wits.

Exploring the psychological and political implications of Gothic fiction, Valdine Clemens focuses on some major works in the tradition: The Castle of Otranto, Frankenstein,...(Read More)
D.H. Lawrence and the Paradoxes of Psychic Life
D.H. Lawrence and the Paradoxes of Psychic Life (August 1999)
Barbara Ann Schapiro - Author

Explores the multiple, often contradictory identifications and fantasies that distinguish Lawrence's fiction, casting fresh light on his relationship with women.

Contributing to the debate about D. H. Lawrence's relationship with and fictional portrayal of women, this book discusses how the dynamic tensions of his art dramatically reenact the competing forces of psychic and relational life. In her examination of Sons and Lovers, The...(Read More)
Romanticism, Lyricism, and History
Romanticism, Lyricism, and History (May 1999)
Sarah M. Zimmerman - Author

Argues against the persistent view of Romantic lyricism as inherently introspective by relating the poems of William Wordsworth, John Clare, and Charlotte Smith, as well as the letters and prose works of Dorothy Wordsworth, to their historical and literary contexts.
"This study offers a much needed revisiting of the problem of the Romantic lyric, its historical and its critical place, and how the addition of women and working-class writer...(Read More)
Creating Safe Space
Creating Safe Space (December 1997)
Violence and Women's Writing
Tomoko Kuribayashi - Editor
Julie Tharp - Editor

An anthology of literary essays focusing on the ways in which sexual, emotional, physical, racial, and other forms of violence have affected women artists' imaginations.

Creating Safe Space: Violence and Women's Writing defines the role of women's writing in the face of violence and suggests the degree to which violence has affected women from diverse periods, places, and social backgrounds. The book examines the...(Read More)
Blake's Nostos
Blake's Nostos (March 1997)
Fragmentation and Nondualism in The Four Zoas
Kathryn S. Freeman - Author

Establishes Blake’s controversial, unfinished epic, The Four Zoas, as the culmination of his mythos.

Blake's Nostos
establishes The Four Zoas, Blake's controversial, unfinished epic, as the culmination of the poet's mythos. Kathryn S. Freeman shows that, in its freedom to experiment with nontraditional narrative, this prophetic book is Blake's fullest representation of nondual vision as it coexists w...(Read More)
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