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Romantic Science
Romantic Science (July 2003)
The Literary Forms of Natural History
Noah Heringman - Editor

Uncovers the vital role that new scientific discoveries played in Romantic literary culture.

Although "romantic science" may sound like a paradox, much of the romance surrounding modern science—the mad scientist, the intuitive genius, the utopian transformation of nature—originated in the Romantic period. Romantic Science traces the literary and cultural politics surrounding the formation of t...(Read More)
Jane Austen and Co.
Jane Austen and Co. (January 2003)
Remaking the Past in Contemporary Culture
Suzanne R. Pucci - Editor
James Thompson - Editor

Examines recent Austen remakes as well as other “post-heritage” films and television shows to show how the past is reshaped for a contemporary market.

Jane Austen and Co.
explores the ways in which classical novels—particularly, but not exclusively, those of Jane Austen—have been transformed into artifacts of contemporary popular culture. Examining recent films, television shows, Internet sites, a...(Read More)
Constructing a World
Constructing a World (October 2002)
Shakespeare's England and the New Historical Fiction
Martha Tuck Rozett - Author

Examines recent developments in historical fiction, with particular attention to the way contemporary writers have portrayed Shakespearean England.

Taking its title from Umberto Eco's postscript to The Name of the Rose, the novel that inaugurated the New Historical Fiction in the early 1980s, Constructing the World provides a guide to the genre's defining characteristics. It also serves as a lively accou...(Read More)
Imagined Londons
Imagined Londons (September 2002)
Pamela K. Gilbert - Editor

Explores the various representations and imaginations of London in literature and popular culture, from Victorian times to the present day.

Imagined Londons
explores the diverse ways that Britain’s “global city” has been imagined and represented in literature, history, the arts, and popular culture, from the mid–nineteenth century to the present day. American and British contributors examine a v...(Read More)
The Marked Body
The Marked Body (August 2002)
Domestic Violence in Mid-Nineteenth-Century Literature
Kate Lawson - Author
Lynn Shakinovsky - Author

Discusses portrayals of domestic violence in six major works of mid-nineteenth-century literature.

The ambiguities and paradoxes of domestic violence were amplified in Victorian culture, which emphasized the home as a woman's place of security. In The Marked Body, Kate Lawson and Lynn Shakinovsky examine the discarded and violated bodies of middle-class women in selected texts of mid-nineteenth-century fic...(Read More)
The Christian Wordsworth, 1798-1805
The Christian Wordsworth, 1798-1805 (October 2001)
William A. Ulmer - Author

Traces the evolution of Wordsworth's religious attitudes from his revisions of The Ruined Cottage to the completion of The Prelude.

Recent scholarship on the British Romantic poet William Wordsworth usually depicts him as a secular humanist during the years of his creative ascendancy. In The Christian Wordsworth, 1798–1805, William A. Ulmer challenges this consensus by arguing that Wordsworth n...(Read More)
Time Is of the Essence
Time Is of the Essence (September 2001)
Temporality, Gender, and the New Woman
Patricia Murphy - Author

Examines the intricate relationships between time and gender in the novels of five fin-de-siecle British writers--Thomas Hardy, Olive Schreiner, H. Rider Haggard, Sarah Grand, and Mona Caird
In Time Is of the Essence, Patricia Murphy argues that the Victorian debate on the Woman Question was informed by a crucial but as yet unexplored element at the fin de siecle: the cultural construction of time. Victorians were obse...(Read More)
Shakespeare's Political Realism
Shakespeare's Political Realism (January 2001)
The English History Plays
Tim Spiekerman - Author

Explores the continuing relevance of important political themes in five of Shakespeare's English History plays.

This book provides fresh interpretations of five of Shakespeare's history plays (King John, Richard II, Henry IV, Parts I and II, and Henry V), each guided by the often criticized assumption that Shakespeare can teach us something about politics. In contrast to many contemporary political cr...(Read More)
Engagement and Indifference
Engagement and Indifference (November 2000)
Beckett and the Political
Henry Sussman - Editor
Christopher Devenney - Editor

Explores the hidden political and ethical dimensions of the work of Samuel Beckett, an author who might otherwise be considered indifferent to such considerations.

In this book, creative writers and critical theorists consider the work of Samuel Beckett from theoretical, postmodern, aesthetic, poetic, and feminist perspectives. Collectively, they search for the hidden political and ethical dimensions of Beckett, an auth...(Read More)
Chronicles of Disorder
Chronicles of Disorder (September 2000)
Samuel Beckett and the Cultural Politics of the Modern Novel
David Weisberg - Author

Offers a striking new interpretation of Beckett's major fiction, demonstrating how his development as a writer was shaped by shifting twentieth-century ideas about the social function of literature.

Offering a striking new interpretation of Beckett's major fiction, Chronicles of Disorder demonstrates how Beckett's career as a writer developed in relation to the most enduring twentieth-century beliefs about the social function of...(Read More)
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