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Computers and Cultural Diversity
Computers and Cultural Diversity (February 1991)
Restructuring for School Success
Robert A. DeVillar - Author
Christian J. Faltis - Author

This is an extremely important book for educators concerned with substantively addressing the issues facing public schooling as we move into the 1990's: first, because it examines critically the increasingly important role of technology in the instructional process, and second, because it confronts head-on the most significant challenge of education in our nation today -- how to make schools work for minority students and communities in the face of...(Read More)
Curriculum as Social Psychoanalysis
Curriculum as Social Psychoanalysis (February 1991)
The Significance of Place
Joe L. Kincheloe - Editor
William F. Pinar - Editor

"I think this is one of the best books, one of the most original books, I have come across in a decade of reading and writing in the field of curriculum theory. It challenges the standard curriculum discourse's preoccupation with standardization, universalization, and objectivity." -- Henry A. Giroux, Miama University

"I enjoyed reading a book that said something concrete and that taught me something new. I was fascinated by both the thesis...(Read More)
The Politics of Hispanic Education
The Politics of Hispanic Education (February 1991)
Un paso pa'lante y dos pa'tras
Kenneth J. Meier - Author
Joseph Stewart Jr. - Author

This is the first systematic study of the politics of "second generation discrimination" against Hispanic students. Despite the fact that Hispanics are the second largest and fastest growing minority in the United States, little attention has been paid to the efforts of Hispanics to achieve equal educational opportunity. Quantitative, historical, and legal analysis are used to examine the access of Hispanic students to equal educational opportunit...(Read More)
Moral Values and Higher Education
Moral Values and Higher Education (January 1991)
Dennis L. Thompson - Editor

In this book, eleven prominent scholars discuss the moral condition of contemporary society and the appropriate response from universities. Specifically, they address such issues as the extent to which university curriculums should treat ethics or human values; what universities and faculties should do to improve the moral thinking and responsibility of students; and what contributions universities can make in improving the morality of society in g...(Read More)
Alternative American Schools
Alternative American Schools (January 1991)
Ideals in Action
Claire V. Korn - Author

"As a parent who had to make the difficult decision to send my child to an alternative school without the benefit of Dr. Korn's book, I can safely say that Alternative American Schools: Ideals in Action would have made the choice far easier. Dr. Korn not only anticipated all the questions I had, but she answered them in a way that both validates my experiences and adds considerably to my understanding of why open education works so well. T...(Read More)
Postmodernism, Feminism, and Cultural Politics
Postmodernism, Feminism, and Cultural Politics (January 1991)
Redrawing Educational Boundaries
Henry A. Giroux - Editor

This book introduces central assumptions that govern postmodern and feminist theory, offering educators a language to create new ways of conceiving pedagogy and its relationship to social, cultural, and intellectual life. It challenges some of the major categories and practices that have dominated educational theory and practice in the United States and in other countries since the beginning of the twentieth century.

Rejecting the apolitical...(Read More)
The Politics of Curriculum Decision-Making
The Politics of Curriculum Decision-Making (January 1991)
Issues in Centralizing the Curriculum
M. Frances Klein - Editor

"This book addresses a major issue in the curriculum field that has not been addressed adequately in other sources. Well-documented chapters go beyond presentation of new materials and also offer provocative insights to and frameworks for analyzing the material." -- Dorothy Huenecke, Georgia State University

Recent proposals for school reform have involved a significant shift in how curriculum decisions are made, particularly at the state le...(Read More)
Curriculum Differentiation
Curriculum Differentiation (December 1990)
Interpretive Studies in U. S. Secondary Schools
Reba Page - Editor
Linda Valli - Editor

Sharing methods and orientations of the interpretive paradigm, the contributors to this book sharpen our understanding of the school's differentiating function. They analyze issues and clarify persistent contradictions in traditional studies of curriculum differentiation and tracking by examining schools and classrooms and describing the processes and contexts in which curriculum differentiation produces both its intended and unintended effects....(Read More)
Empowerment through Multicultural Education
Empowerment through Multicultural Education (November 1990)
Christine E. Sleeter - Editor

"This volume is a powerful indictment of our public educational system. U.S. teachers and policymakers can no longer ignore issues of race, class, gender, ethnicity, and handicap in their teaching. We can no longer afford as a nation to stick our heads in the sand and label these issues as someone else's--their--problem. Teacher educators and others centrally concerned with schooling must directly address issues raised in this book." -- Ma...(Read More)
Going to School
Going to School (September 1990)
The African-American Experience
Kofi Lomotey - Editor

In this ground-breaking book, noted scholars/educators respond to the persistent, pervasive and disproportionate underachievement of African-American students in public schools. In the process, they illustrate various aspects of the dilemma with a wide range of views and address the complexity of the topic by including a consideration of the factors that impact upon the academic achievement of African-American students. Lomotey considers the impl...(Read More)
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