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Becoming Political
Becoming Political (April 1998)
Comparative Perspectives on Citizenship Education
Carole L. Hahn - Author

"The citizenship education/political socialization literature is rife with speculation about what adolescents think and believe politically, but very short on actual data. This work is a major addition to our knowledge in these areas." -- John J. Cogan, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

This book sheds light on the question: Under what conditions do democratic attitudes and values take root in youth? Using a comparative persp...(Read More)
Ethnic Identity and Power
Ethnic Identity and Power (April 1998)
Cultural Contexts of Political Action in School and Society
Yali Zou - Editor
Enrique T. Trueba - Editor

A stimulating comparative examination of the educational ramifications of cultural identity, with implications for public policy.

"I was captured by the 'guts' of this book. It's a courageous and much needed volume which tackles, head-on and quite candidly, current world crises of power and dominance and struggles with persistent and pernicious racism. A fine balance of academic and 'real world' knowledge. An excellent contribut...(Read More)
Constructing Female Identities
Constructing Female Identities (April 1998)
Meaning Making in an Upper Middle Class Youth Culture
Amira Proweller - Author

An insightful, and often surprising, look at adolescent girls' socialization in a historically elite, private, single-sex high school.

"Constructing Female Identities: Meaning Making in an Upper Middle Class Youth Culture is an extraordinary piece of work. Not only does Amira Proweller push our theoretical understanding of identity production in schools, but she adds greatly to our knowledge of what actually happe...(Read More)
Destined to Rule the Schools
Destined to Rule the Schools (April 1998)
Women and the Superintendency, 1873-1995
Jackie M. Blount - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Tells the story of women and school leadership in America from the common school era to the present. Offers an historical account of how teaching became women's work and the school superintendency men's.

In 1909, when she became the superintendent of the Chicago schools, Ella Flagg Young proclaimed that women were "destined...(Read More)
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration (April 1998)
Promises and Pitfalls
Diana G. Pounder - Editor

A comprehensive discussion, from multiple perspectives, of the complex nature of school collaboration efforts.

This book provides a more comprehensive discussion of collaborative school efforts than any other single source currently available. Specifically, multiple disciplinary perspectives are presented, addressing the complexity or "promises and pitfalls" of school collaboration efforts. The book is organized in terms...(Read More)
Expanding Literacies
Expanding Literacies (March 1998)
English Teaching and the New Workplace
Mary Sue Garay - Editor
Stephen A. Bernhardt - Editor

1999 Best Collection of Essays in Technical and Scientific Communication - National Council of Teachers of English

Examines the escalating literacy demands of the new workplace, and makes suggestions for reshaping traditional English classes to better equip students with new skills to meet these needs.

"This book is readable, accessible, and informative. There's nothing available to compare ...(Read More)
Voicing Ourselves
Voicing Ourselves (March 1998)
Whose Words We Use When We Talk about Books
Christian Knoeller - Author

Using Bakhtinian theory, this study reveals how and why readers routinely refer to the words and ideas of others to interpret the meanings and implications of the books they read.

In a public high school classroom in the San Francisco Bay area, a group of twelfth graders have decided themselves to enroll for Advanced-Placement English. Faced with unprecedented diversity for such a class in terms of academic and ethnic b...(Read More)
Dramas of Solitude
Dramas of Solitude (February 1998)
Narratives of Retreat in American Nature Writing
Randall Roorda - Author

Brings the insights of narrative theory to bear upon the genre of nature writing, to explore the social or ethical purposes of solitude in stories of retreat in nature.

What do stories of nature tell us about the social or ethical purposes of solitude? And what do stories of solitude reveal of the "character" of nonhuman nature? Dramas of Solitude brings the insights of narrative theory to bear upon the genre of n...(Read More)
Race, Class, and Power in School Restructuring
Race, Class, and Power in School Restructuring (February 1998)
Pauline Lipman - Author

1998 American Educational Studies Association Critics' Choice Titles

Explores the intersection of two central issues in American education: school reform through restructuring and alienation from school of many children of color. A tough look at the impact of teachers' and administrators' beliefs and practices.

This book challenges common assumptions about the efficacy of teacher collaboratio...(Read More)
The Theory and Practice of Grading Writing
The Theory and Practice of Grading Writing (February 1998)
Problems and Possibilities
Frances Zak - Editor
Christopher C. Weaver - Editor

CHOICE Outstanding Academic Book 1998

Explores grading strategies for English composition teachers that are consistent with modern discourse and pedagogical theories.

Grading is one of the thorniest issues writing teachers must deal with, yet, surprisingly little has been written on this topic. As writing teachers move increasingly toward practices that focus on writing as a process, they fac...(Read More)
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