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Words in the Wilderness
Words in the Wilderness (January 2000)
Critical Literacy in the Borderlands
Stephen Gilbert Brown - Author
Gary A. Olson - Foreword by

2001 W. Ross Winterowd Award, Best book in composition theory presented by JAC and the Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition
Blends vivid personal accounts and sophisticated theoretical analysis to make a compelling book about one teacher's experience teaching on an Athabascan Indian Reservation in Alaska.
Using the author's intensely personal, reflective, provocative account of his time teaching on an Athabascan ...(Read More)
Education and the Soul
Education and the Soul (October 1999)
Toward a Spiritual Curriculum
John P. Miller - Author

With emphasis on preparing students for jobs, standards, and achievement testing, many think that North American education has become inwardly deadening, yet this book provides a counterbalance as it offers a way to nurture the soul in classrooms and schools.

"Education and the Soul is a coherent, wide-ranging, thoughtful, and accessible response to the question of how we can bring the soul into the daily fabric ...(Read More)
Subtractive Schooling
Subtractive Schooling (October 1999)
U.S. - Mexican Youth and the Politics of Caring
Angela Valenzuela - Author

2001 AESA Critics' Choice Award

2000 AERA Outstanding Book Award

2000 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards--Honorable Mention

Provides an enhanced sense of what’s required to genuinely care for and educate the U.S.–Mexican youth in America.

“Valenzuela’s thoughtful and thorough analysis of Latino/a students’ e...(Read More)
The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform
The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform (October 1999)
Patricia Gándara - Editor

As the education reform movement matures into its second decade, it is clear that many promising efforts have fallen short in their attempts to create real school change. One reason for this is that the process of school reform is much more complex than most reformers realized or were willing to acknowledge. The Dimensions of Time and the Challenge of School Reform points to another problem--the problem of time--and its role in both the succe...(Read More)
Performing Pedagogy
Performing Pedagogy (September 1999)
Toward an Art of Politics
Charles R. Garoian - Author

Performing Pedagogy examines the theory and practice of performance art as an art of politics. It discusses the different ways in which performance artists use memory and cultural history to critique dominant cultural assumptions, to construct identity, and to attain political agency. In doing so, Garoian argues, performance artists like Rachel Rosenthal, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Robbie McCauley, Suzanne Lacy, and the performance art collective ...(Read More)
Community Colleges as Cultural Texts
Community Colleges as Cultural Texts (September 1999)
Qualitative Explorations of Organizational and Student Culture
Kathleen M. Shaw - Editor
James R. Valadez - Editor
Robert A. Rhoads - Editor

Questions whether, and how, community colleges confront the challenges of diversity and provide real opportunities for upward mobility.

Community colleges are positioned to play a critical role in the process of upward mobility in American society. Yet despite the "open door" accessibility of these institutions, the question remains as to whether or not community colleges enhance the social mobility of working class and...(Read More)
Literacy with an Attitude
Literacy with an Attitude (September 1999)
Educating Working-Class Children in Their Own Self-Interest
Patrick J. Finn - Author

2000 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards - Honorable Mention

A passionate plea for teachers, parents, and community organizers to give working-class children the same type of empowering education and powerful literacy skills that the children of upper- and middle-class people receive. Strategies for reaching and teaching these children are presented.

This book is for teachers, parents, and c...(Read More)

Values and Educational Leadership
Values and Educational Leadership (August 1999)
Paul T. Begley - Editor

Values and Educational Leadership extends beyond the presentation of expert opinion to blend theory, research, and practice for a comprehensive examination of values in educational leadership. It analyzes personal values manifested by individuals, professional values of administration, and collective values exhibited by groups, societies, and organizations.

The book merges the collective wisdom of some of the best known and most respec...(Read More)
Students on the Margins
Students on the Margins (June 1999)
Education, Stories, Dignity
Jaylynne N. Hutcheson - Author

Proposes educators should focus on children's personal stories as a means to enhance dignity and, therefore, learning.

The focus of teaching is not on what we teach or how we test but, more fundamentally, on the quality of relationships, according to Jaylynne Hutchinson in Students on the Margins. Amid much talk of educational reform that focuses on pedagogy, curriculum, and policy, Hutchinson attests that when we don't pay atte...(Read More)
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change
Dialogue, Conflict Resolution, and Change (May 1999)
Arab-Jewish Encounters in Israel
Mohammed Abu-Nimer - Author

"In his in-depth examination of intervention models in Israel, Abu-Nimer provides a fresh insight into the important role of dialogue in conflict resolution. This comprehensive study will not only serve as a useful guide for future Arab-Israeli dialogues, but also a framework for other citizen diplomacy programs in areas of conflict around the world."
-- John W. McDonald, Ambassador, and Chairman and co-founder of the Institute for Multi-Track D...(Read More)
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