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Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity
Understanding Early Adolescent Self and Identity (February 2002)
Applications and Interventions
Thomas M. Brinthaupt - Editor
Richard P. Lipka - Editor

Addresses adolescent identity issues and suggests practical approaches to facilitate development and adjustment.

What are the major self and identity concerns for early adolescents? What are the applications and interventions that can address those concerns, helping to ease the transition into later adolescence and adulthood? Providing a broad and interdisciplinary approach to studying the self, the contributors emphasiz...(Read More)
African-Centered Pedagogy
African-Centered Pedagogy (February 2002)
Developing Schools of Achievement for African American Children
Peter C. Murrell Jr. - Author

Integrates the historical, cultural, political, and developmental considerations of the African American experience into a theory for the educational achievement of African American children.

What can teachers, administrators, families, and communities do to create schools that provide rich learning experiences for African American children? Based on a critical reinterpretation of several key educational frameworks, ...(Read More)
From Isolation to Conversation
From Isolation to Conversation (February 2002)
Supporting New Teachers' Development
Dwight L. Rogers - Author
Leslie M. Babinski - Author

Provides a model to help new teachers adjust to challenges faced as they begin their classroom careers.

A new teacher's first year in the classroom is often filled with terrifying new challenges and great loneliness. From Isolation to Conversation uses an inquiry-oriented form of professional development known as the New Teacher Group to provide teachers with the opportunity to engage in discussions with their pe...(Read More)
Tenure in the Sacred Grove
Tenure in the Sacred Grove (February 2002)
Issues and Strategies for Women and Minority Faculty
Joanne E. Cooper - Editor
Dannelle D. Stevens - Editor

A treasure trove of information for women and minorities in the academy who are beginning their quest for tenure.

Designed to help women and minority faculty navigate a path to tenure in academe, this book looks at the political, scholarly, personal and interpersonal issues. Filled with the experiences and advice of those who have navigated this terrain successfully, despite obstacles and setbacks, it includes conside...(Read More)
Women and School Leadership
Women and School Leadership (February 2002)
International Perspectives
Cecilia Reynolds - Editor

International in scope, this is an unprecedented compilation of current theories and perspectives on women and leadership issues in schools at all levels.
This international collection of work by leading feminist scholars in educational administration from five Western liberal democratic countries presents “state-of-the-art” research on women in school leadership positions. The contributors focus on the need for critical reflec...(Read More)
The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education
The Racial Crisis in American Higher Education (January 2002)
Continuing Challenges for the Twenty-first Century, Revised Edition
William A. Smith - Editor
Philip G. Altbach - Editor
Kofi Lomotey - Editor

A revised edition of the classic text, illuminating the linkages between race and higher education.

“Why is it that as we enter the twenty-first century, the nation's predominantly white colleges and universities continue to be settings where people of color feel unwelcome and marginalized? The contributors to this volume dissect a variety of structural and attitudinal factors that are prevalent in the highe...(Read More)
Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development
Cultural and Critical Perspectives on Human Development (October 2001)
Martin J. Packer - Editor
Mark B. Tappan - Editor

An array of exciting new studies of child and adolescent development phenomena.

Unique in its attention to both cultural and critical perspectives, this book contributes strongly to the advance of developmental psychology beyond the cognitive-developmental paradigm that has defined the field for the past quarter century. It provides insights from critical pedagogy, cultural psychology, feminism, postmodernism, critical theory, a...(Read More)
Writing the Radical Center
Writing the Radical Center (October 2001)
William Carlos Williams, John Dewey, and American Cultural Politics
John Beck - Author

Explores the cultural work of two important early-twentieth-century writers: the poet William Carlos Williams and the educator/philosopher John Dewey, both key figures in American democracy.

Placing the philosopher John Dewey and the poet William Carlos Williams together--two important figures of twentieth-century American culture--this book examines the ambitions and failings of progressive liberal culture during the fi...(Read More)
Teachers' Unions and the Politics of Education in Japan
Teachers' Unions and the Politics of Education in Japan (August 2001)
Robert W. Aspinall - Author

A study of Japan's powerful teachers' unions, including an in-depth look at the schism of the largest union in 1989.

Providing an overview of the history of postwar teachers' unions in Japan, this book analyses the causes and effects of the 1989 schism of the largest union, the Japan Teachers' Union (Nikkyoso). Formed in 1947 during a period of great change for both the Japanese educational and political systems, this union has bee...(Read More)
Oh, Do I Remember!
Oh, Do I Remember! (July 2001)
Experiences of Teachers During the Desegregation of Austin's Schools, 1964-1971
Anna Victoria Wilson - Author
William E. Segall - Author

The story of one city's experience with school desegregation, as seen through the eyes of the teachers who lived it.

Stories of school desegregation are ultimately about people—teachers who work in the schools and the students who are there to learn. This book focuses on the front line faculty and their recollection of the effort to desegregate faculty in Austin's schools during 1964–1971 in compli...(Read More)
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