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The Teacher's Body
The Teacher's Body (July 2003)
Embodiment, Authority, and Identity in the Academy
Diane P. Freedman - Editor
Martha Stoddard Holmes - Editor
Rosemarie Garland-Thomson - Foreword by
Madeleine R. Grumet - Afterword

A rich and honest conversation about professors' lives and the absurdity of trying to separate the personal from the professional.

These highly personal essays from a range of academic settings explore the palpable moments of discomfort, disempowerment, and/or enlightenment that emerge when we discard the fiction that the teacher has no body. Visible and/or invisible, the body can transform both the teacher's experience ...(Read More)
Reinterpreting Urban School Reform
Reinterpreting Urban School Reform (April 2003)
Have Urban Schools Failed, or Has the Reform Movement Failed Urban Schools?
Louis F. Miron - Editor
Edward P. St. John - Editor

A critical look at urban school reform efforts.

Have urban schools failed, or has reform failed urban schools? This book examines existing urban school programs, ranging from desegregation to reading improvement, in light of available historical, empirical, and case study evidence. Mirón and St. John and their contributors probe the underlying theoretical, normative, and political assumptions embedded in specific...(Read More)
Gendered Futures in Higher Education
Gendered Futures in Higher Education (March 2003)
Critical Perspectives for Change
Becky Ropers-Huilman - Editor

Identifies gender issues affecting students, faculty, and leaders in higher education, applying critical perspectives to suggest needed change.

This volume addresses the ways in which gender takes shape in and is shaped by higher education environments. Focusing on historical knowledge and contemporary experience, the contributors identify several key gender issues affecting students, faculty, and leaders in higher ed...(Read More)
After-Education (February 2003)
Anna Freud, Melanie Klein, and Psychoanalytic Histories of Learning
Deborah P. Britzman - Author

Uses psychoanalytic theories of learning to explore contemporary issues in education.
In After-Education Deborah P. Britzman raises the startling question, What is education that it should give us such trouble? She explores a series of historic and contemporary psychoanalytic arguments over the nature of reality and fantasy for thinking through the force and history of education. Drawing from the theories of Anna Freud and Melanie ...(Read More)
Arts of Living
Arts of Living (February 2003)
Reinventing the Humanities for the Twenty-first Century
Kurt Spellmeyer - Author

Argues that higher education needs to abandon the “culture wars” if it hopes to address the major crises of the century.
Arts of Living presents a social history of the humanities and a proposal for the future that places creativity at the heart of higher education. Engaging with the debate launched by Allan Bloom, Harold Bloom, Bill Readings, John Guillory, and others, Kurt Spellmeyer argues that higher education needs ...(Read More)
The Ideology of Education
The Ideology of Education (January 2003)
The Commonwealth, the Market, and America's Schools
Kevin B. Smith - Author

Explores the ideological underpinnings of school choice and other market-based education reforms.
Advocates of market-based education reforms (including such policies as choice, charters, vouchers, and outright privatization) argue that they represent ready solutions to clearly defined problems. Critics of market models, on the other hand, argue that these reforms misperceive the purposes of public education and threaten its democratic e...(Read More)
America Goes to College
America Goes to College (November 2002)
Political Theory for the Liberal Arts
John E. Seery - Author

Extols the virtue of small liberal arts colleges and the liberal arts tradition.

A rallying cry on behalf of a distinctly American institution of higher learning—the small liberal arts college—America Goes to College combines broad-based scholarship with personal narrative and reflection. In a highly entertaining manner, John E. Seery showcases the precarious successes of a well-rounded liberal arts c...(Read More)
Defining and Designing Multiculturalism
Defining and Designing Multiculturalism (November 2002)
One School System's Efforts
Pepi Leistyna - Author
Peter L. McLaren - Foreword by

An activist group works to bring a multicultural education program to an urban public school system.

Just outside a major urban center on the east coast of the United States an activist group struggled to create a system-wide multicultural education program. Through a seven-year qualitative study, Pepi Leistyna documents and interprets—via a critical pedagogical lens—this group’s work with professiona...(Read More)
Black Power in the Suburbs
Black Power in the Suburbs (October 2002)
The Myth or Reality of African American Suburban Political Incorporation
Valerie C. Johnson - Author

The first comprehensive study of African American suburban political empowerment.

The country’s largest concentration of African American suburban affluence represents a unique laboratory to study the internal factors associated with African American political ascendancy and the convergence of race and class. Black Power in the Suburbs chronicles Prince George’s County, Maryland, and the twenty-three...(Read More)
School as Community
School as Community (August 2002)
From Promise to Practice
Gail Furman - Editor

Addresses the question: How can school communities be created and sustained?

An increasingly important and appealing concept for school renewal is that of school as community. While community holds multiple promises for schools, little is known about the practice of community in schools. This collection furthers our understanding about the nature of school community, its practice in public schools, and the role of lea...(Read More)
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