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The Emancipatory Promise of Charter Schools
The Emancipatory Promise of Charter Schools (October 2004)
Toward a Progressive Politics of School Choice
Eric Rofes - Editor
Lisa M. Stulberg - Editor
Herbert Gintis - Foreword by

Offers a broad, multidisciplinary, and progressive look at school choice.

This book opens up a critical conversation among progressive educators of various generations, races, perspectives, and social locations concerning one specific school reform initiative—charter schools. Eric Rofes and Lisa M. Stulberg bring together scholars who both study and actively participate in school choice reform and charge them to ...(Read More)
Nurse Educators and Politics
Nurse Educators and Politics (September 2004)
Sondra Z. Koff - Author

Examines how nurse educators shape the political behavior of nurses.

Although they represent a significant majority of American health care providers, nurses have had only a limited influence on policy developments in the health care and political systems. Helping to understand why the profession has remained a "sleeping giant," Nurse Educators and Politics focuses on a primary socialization agent to ...(Read More)
Educating for a Culture of Social and Ecological Peace
Educating for a Culture of Social and Ecological Peace (August 2004)
Anita L. Wenden - Editor

Examines the overlapping aims, values, and concepts in peace and environmental education.

Acknowledging the dual notions of danger and opportunity that present themselves in contemporary social and ecological crises, this book explores how both peace and environmental education can transform the way we think and what we value. The book outlines the link between social violence and ecological degradation and the need to e...(Read More)
Shut Out
Shut Out (August 2004)
Low Income Mothers and Higher Education in Post-Welfare America
Valerie Polakow - Editor
Sandra S. Butler - Editor
Luisa Stormer Deprez - Editor
Peggy Kahn - Editor

Documents the economic, educational, and existential struggles that single mothers in poverty confront in the current welfare climate.

Shut Out portrays in vivid detail the economic, educational, and existential struggles that single mothers confront as they fight back against a welfare-to-work regime that denies them access to higher education and obstructs their aspirations as autonomous women, determined to exi...(Read More)
Practice and the Human Sciences
Practice and the Human Sciences (August 2004)
The Case for a Judgment-Based Practice of Care
Donald E. Polkinghorne - Author

Argues that the technical model of practice has limited applicability for the practices of care (teaching, nursing, social work, and psychotherapy).

Teachers, nurses, psychotherapists, and other practitioners of care are under pressure to substitute specific, prescribed techniques in place of using their own judgment. Donald E. Polkinghorne assembles the case for the return to judgment-based practice for the professio...(Read More)
Boom for Whom?
Boom for Whom? (June 2004)
Education, Desegregation, and Development in Charlotte
Stephen Samuel Smith - Author

Explores political and educational aspects of Charlotte's nationally praised school desegregation efforts.

Bringing a new perspective to Charlotte's landmark school desegregation efforts, Stephen Samuel Smith provides a multi-faceted history of the nationally praised mandatory busing plan and the court battle that led to its ultimate demise. Although both black and white children benefited from busing, its most ongoing ...(Read More)
Adolescent Lives in Transition
Adolescent Lives in Transition (May 2004)
How Social Class Influences the Adjustment to Middle School
Donna Marie San Antonio - Author

Research on the impact of social class variables on experiences of adolescents as they transition to middle school.

Addressing the issues of educational equity and social class diversity, Donna Marie San Antonio documents the challenges adolescents face when making the transition from elementary school to middle school. The book explores the values, resources, and ways of interacting that students from diverse economi...(Read More)
Burning Down the House
Burning Down the House (April 2004)
Politics, Governance, and Affirmative Action at the University of California
Brian Pusser - Author

A riveting analysis of the struggle to eliminate affirmative action at the University of California.

Burning Down the House
presents a riveting analysis of one of the most nationally prominent and bitterly contested policy battles in the history of American higher education: the struggle to eliminate affirmative action at the University of California. A timely and essential addition to the literature on affirmative a...(Read More)
A Good Little School
A Good Little School (February 2004)
Carole G. Basile - Author
John I. Goodlad - Foreword by

An inspiring story of the student-centered learning that can take place in a democratic, caring school.

A Good Little School
pays homage to Jefferson County Open School, a public school of choice with a thirty-year history of providing an alternative education for students in K-12. Chronicled in this book are the personal experiences and anecdotes of teachers, parents, and students within the school, and how their co...(Read More)
Ethnography Unbound
Ethnography Unbound (February 2004)
From Theory Shock to Critical Praxis
Stephen Gilbert Brown - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

Problematizes traditional ethnographic research methods, offering instead self-reflexive critical practices.

These provocative new essays redefine the goals, methods, and assumptions of qualitative and ethnographic research in composition studies, making evident not only the crucial importance of ethnographic research, but also its resilience. As Ethnography Unbound makes evident, critical ethnographers are ret...(Read More)
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