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Struggles over Difference
Struggles over Difference (July 2005)
Curriculum, Texts, and Pedagogy in the Asia-Pacific
Yoshiko Nozaki - Editor
Roger Openshaw - Editor
Allan Luke - Editor

2006 AERA Division B Outstanding Book Award

Disrupts popular myths about education in Asia and the Pacific.

Struggles over Difference
addresses education, schools, textbooks, and pedagogies in various countries of the Asia-Pacific, offering critical curriculum studies and policy analyses of national and regional educational systems. These systems face challenges linked to new economic for...(Read More)
Speaking the Lower Frequencies
Speaking the Lower Frequencies (April 2005)
Students and Media Literacy
Walter R. Jacobs - Author

Shows how using texts from popular culture in the classroom can help young people to become critical consumers of media without losing the pleasure they derive from it.

Speaking the Lower Frequencies
demonstrates how students can be critical consumers of media while retaining the pleasure they derive from it. In Walter R. Jacobs's classes on media and society, students use the instructor's experiences as a model for inv...(Read More)
On Austrian Soil
On Austrian Soil (March 2005)
Teaching Those I Was Taught to Hate
Sondra Perl - Author

FINALIST - 2006 Independent Publishers Book Award in the Autobiography/Memoir category

An award-winning teacher takes a journey into alien territory: Austria, Hitler's birthplace, and the territory of her own hatred. A teaching memoir that offers a pedagogy of hope.

Most educators keep their teaching secret. In On Austrian Soil, an award-winning teacher, Sondra Perl, opens her class...(Read More)
Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education
Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education (February 2005)
Breaking New Ground
John P. Miller - Editor
Selia Karsten - Editor
Diana Denton - Editor
Deborah Orr - Editor
Isabella Colalillo Kates - Editor

Explores the theory, practice, and poetics of spiritual and holistic education.

In Holistic Learning and Spirituality in Education, scholars from around the globe address the theory, practice, and poetics of holistic education. Some of the topics explored include educating the soul; partnership education; nourishing adolescents’ spirituality; education and the modern assault on being human; the Eros of t...(Read More)
Preparing for Inclusive Teaching
Preparing for Inclusive Teaching (February 2005)
Meeting the Challenges of Teacher Education Reform
Elizabeth Bondy - Editor
Dorene D. Ross - Editor

A resource to help institutions navigate the choppy waters of reform.

Grounded in the reform effort of a large state university with a history of excellence in teacher education, this book provides teacher educators and institutions with a valuable resource for navigating the choppy waters of reform. Contributors, all involved in the reform process, tell the story of the University of Florida's efforts in the mid-1990...(Read More)
The War That Wasn't
The War That Wasn't (February 2005)
Religious Conflict and Compromise in the Common Schools of New York State, 1865-1900
Benjamin Justice - Author

FINALIST - 2006 History of Education Society’s Outstanding Book Award

2005 Annual Archives Award for Excellence in Research Using the Holdings of the New York State Archives presented by the Board of Regents and the New York State Archives

An ambitious and timely look at the role of religion in New York State's early public schools.

Historians of religion and p...(Read More)
Peking University
Peking University (December 2004)
Chinese Scholarship and Intellectuals, 1898-1937
Xiaoqing Diana Lin - Author

Discusses the first decades of Peking University and its role in shaping Chinese intellectual culture.

Peking University, founded in 1898, was at the center of the major intellectual movements of twentieth-century China. In this institutional and intellectual history, author Xiaoqing Diana Lin shows how the university reflected and shaped Chinese intellectual culture in an era of great change, one that saw both a surg...(Read More)
African Americans and College Choice
African Americans and College Choice (December 2004)
The Influence of Family and School
Kassie Freeman - Author
M. Christopher Brown II - Foreword by

Assesses the influence of family and school on African American students' college decision-making processes.

Acknowledging the disparity between the number of African American high school students who aspire toward higher education and the number who actually attend, this book uncovers factors that influence African American students' decisions regarding college. Kassie Freeman brings new insights to the current body ...(Read More)
Fit to Teach
Fit to Teach (November 2004)
Same-Sex Desire, Gender, and School Work in the Twentieth Century
Jackie M. Blount - Author

Honorable Mention, 2006 Outstanding Book Award presented by the History of Education Society

Winner of the 2005 Critics’ Choice Award presented by the American Educational Studies Association

Examines the construction of gender in public school employment.

Jackie M. Blount offers a history of school workers in the United States ...(Read More)
Socialization to Civil Society
Socialization to Civil Society (November 2004)
A Life History Study of Community Leaders
Peter Robert Sawyer - Author

2005 CHOICE Outstanding Academic Title Award

Using a life history approach, looks at what influences citizens to participate in the voluntary associations that comprise and promote civil society.

While many political theorists argue that the problems and failures of American democracy are rooted in the decline of civil society, few examine how American institutions socialize citizens to parti...(Read More)
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