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A Town Abandoned
A Town Abandoned (April 1996)
Flint, Michigan, Confronts Deindustrialization
Steven P. Dandaneau - Author

A cultural study of the Flint community's response to its own deindustrialization, within the framework of the state, national, and international forces that produced it.
"This work will remain as a major study of a decisive period in American industrial and business history. It is an in-depth examination of the response of the Flint, Michigan, community to its deindustrialization--and examines that response within the framework of statew...(Read More)
Communities on the Way
Communities on the Way (July 1987)
Rebuilding Local Economies in the United States and Canada
Stewart E. Perry - Author

"There is nothing else like it; the first of its kind. It has wide application in cities and rural communities of the U.S.A. and abroad. The epidemic of communities stranded economically by plant closings makes it extremely timely, indeed overdue." -- Nelson N. Foote

It's become an all too familiar headline--plant closes, employees laid off, another community plunged into economic despair. Stewart Perry looks beyond the headlines to our "f...(Read More)
The Immorality of Limiting Growth
The Immorality of Limiting Growth (June 1981)
Edward Walter - Author

The Industrial Age has ended, according to "no-growth futurism," because the finitude of the earth has been reached. Its proponents maintain that technological innovation cannot save industrial society because of pollution, over population, and inflation. They call for a transformed society in which productivity, pollution, and population growth are strictly controlled.

This volume emphatically challenges the no-growth viewpoint on both philo...(Read More)
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