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Ideas That Work in College Teaching
Ideas That Work in College Teaching (November 2007)
Robert L. Badger - Editor

Fifteen authors from thirteen different disciplines discuss their varied approaches to teaching.

As members of the faculty of the same college, the State University of New York at Potsdam, the fifteen contributors to this book have the unique experience of working from the same pool of students in order to explore how to improve teaching, enhance learning, and make the classroom more interesting. Together professo...(Read More)
Why Community Matters
Why Community Matters (August 2007)
Connecting Education with Civic Life
Nicholas V. Longo - Author

Provides a fresh perspective on the undeniable relationship between education reform and democratic revitalization.           

Providing a new perspective on the undeniable relationship between education reform and democratic revitalization, Nicholas V. Longo uncovers and examines practical models in which communities play an essential role in teaching the ar...(Read More)
Democratic Education Stretched Thin
Democratic Education Stretched Thin (February 2007)
How Complexity Challenges a Liberal Ideal
David J. Blacker - Author

Argues that the complexity of our pluralistic social world demands an enriched conception of democratic education.

Is a democratic education promoting the ideals of human equality and individual liberty still tenable in a postmodern world of increasingly diverse and competing interests? Drawing on contemporary political theorists, including Michael Walzer and John Rawls, and also on philosophers such as Descart...(Read More)
Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment
Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment (January 2000)
Lessons from Kentucky's Reform Efforts
Betty Lou Whitford - Editor
Ken Jones - Editor

This book provides the basis for thoughtful reflection and discussion of school accountability by critically examining Kentucky's groundbreaking educational reform strategy of statewide student assessment and teacher accountability.

Accountability, Assessment, and Teacher Commitment offers a vantage point to draw lessons from, and ponder alternatives to, the Kentucky Education Reform Act (KERA), a state school reform effort base...(Read More)
Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment
Reform in School Mathematics and Authentic Assessment (March 1995)
Thomas A. Romberg - Editor

"This book addresses a key issue in mathematics education today. The perspective from which this text is written is one that is needed as a response to the occurring reform in mathematics education and the movement to understand learning and doing mathematics as social construction. How to align this newer conceptualization with testing procedures is an issue that is often raised in the circles in which I am active. I especially like the emphasis on...(Read More)
Playing Favorites
Playing Favorites (April 1994)
Gifted Education and the Disruption of Community
Mara Sapon-Shevin - Author

Playing Favorites examines the ways in which gifted education disrupts the classroom community, deskills regular classroom teachers, limits their ability and willingness to meet individual needs, and impairs the creation of a climate of inclusion and acceptance of difference. Sapon-Shevin shows here that current models of gifted education are elitist and meritocratic, treating some children, not just differently than others, but better; and ...(Read More)
In Teachers' Hands
In Teachers' Hands (July 1992)
Investigating the Practices of Classroom Assessment
Richard J. Stiggins - Author
Nancy Faires Conklin - Author

This book marks the starting point of a profound shift in assessment priorities, detailing the results of a decade-long program of research on classroom assessment environments. It demonstrates how important sound classroom assessments are to student well-being, and provides insights into the complex demands of day-to-day classroom assessment on teachers who have been taught little about assessment in their training programs.

As a nation, we...(Read More)
Play and Early Literacy Development
Play and Early Literacy Development (September 1991)
James F. Christie - Editor

"This book provides the evidence for the view that, whatever its other relationships with literacy may be, play can be an effective literacy-learning medium for many young children. Furthermore, use of this medium can be accomplished in such a way as to enhance rather than destroy children's control over and enjoyment of their play and learning experiences." -- Penelope Griffing, The Ohio State University

This book overviews t...(Read More)
Becoming an Effective Classroom Manager
Becoming an Effective Classroom Manager (May 1988)
Bob Steere - Author

“There is a wealth of intellectually important information in this book. The author synthesizes a large body of classroom management literature into practical, workable suggestions for the classroom teacher. Often, texts on classroom management are either too much like recipe books without research to back up suggestions, or they are too theoretical without applications apparent to teachers.This text combines the two.” — Brenda H. Man...(Read More)
The Case for Commitment to Teacher Growth
The Case for Commitment to Teacher Growth (May 1988)
Research on Teacher Evaluation
Richard J. Stiggins - Editor
Daniel L. Duke - Editor

Most evaluations of teacher performance are brief, superficial, pro forma affairs involving a few moments of classroom observation every year or two followed by the completion of required evaluation forms. Not surprisingly, much of what has been written about teacher evaluation over the past decade reflects the dissatisfaction of teachers, the frustration of administrators, and the confusion of all parties as to the proper purposes for and methods o...(Read More)
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