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Women and School Leadership
Women and School Leadership (February 2002)
International Perspectives
Cecilia Reynolds - Editor

International in scope, this is an unprecedented compilation of current theories and perspectives on women and leadership issues in schools at all levels.
This international collection of work by leading feminist scholars in educational administration from five Western liberal democratic countries presents “state-of-the-art” research on women in school leadership positions. The contributors focus on the need for critical reflec...(Read More)
Women Administrators in Higher Education
Women Administrators in Higher Education (January 2001)
Historical and Contemporary Perspectives
Jana Nidiffer - Editor
Carolyn Terry Bashaw - Editor

Shows the tenacious spirit and hard work of women administrators in their struggles to enhance opportunities for women on college campuses.

In this book Jana Nidiffer and Carolyn Terry Bashaw fill in the pieces of the story of the history of women in higher education as well as tackle contemporary topics such as the controversies surrounding women's education; the contributions of women religious and lay presidents and t...(Read More)
Coloring outside the Lines
Coloring outside the Lines (June 2000)
Mentoring Women into School Leadership
Mary E. Gardiner - Author
Ernestine Enomoto - Author
Margaret Grogan - Author

Presents new practices and ideas for mentoring women for school leadership positions.

Coloring outside the Lines
critically looks at mentoring from the perspective of women who have been historically marginalized in school leadership, and grounds itself in a variety of experiences, including those of women school leaders of color. Using a feminist poststructuralist framework, the authors deconstruct the mentoring of wome...(Read More)
Principles of Power
Principles of Power (April 2000)
Women Superintendents and the Riddle of the Heart
C. Cryss Brunner - Author

Shares perspectives from twelve successful women school superintendents.

Women who seek to be school superintendents or who want to improve their chances for success in the superintendency can clearly benefit from the insights and cultural wisdom of women who have attained the position. Principles of Power shares perspectives from twelve successful women superintendents and puts them in a cultural context that highlights what th...(Read More)
Balancing Acts
Balancing Acts (March 2000)
Women Principals at Work
Lisa Smulyan - Author

Offers surprising insights into the complex worlds of women principals.

Balancing Acts uses life history and ethnography to examine the lives and work of three female elementary school principals and highlights their daily use of personal and professional skills. Smulyan examines the principals' personal backgrounds and their effect on their work within the community they serve, their school, and the historical and social struct...(Read More)
Values and Educational Leadership
Values and Educational Leadership (August 1999)
Paul T. Begley - Editor

Values and Educational Leadership extends beyond the presentation of expert opinion to blend theory, research, and practice for a comprehensive examination of values in educational leadership. It analyzes personal values manifested by individuals, professional values of administration, and collective values exhibited by groups, societies, and organizations.

The book merges the collective wisdom of some of the best known and most respec...(Read More)
Sacred Dreams
Sacred Dreams (April 1999)
Women and the Superintendency
C. Cryss Brunner - Editor

Although women have dominated the teaching ranks at all levels of education since the turn of the century, men occupy 93 percent of superintendency jobs. Considering the nationwide concern that superintendency positions will be vacated faster than they can be filled during the next decade, it's quite possible that women are the greatest untapped pool of capable candidates. As women think about, seek, and accept superintendency assignments, they need...(Read More)
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration
Restructuring Schools for Collaboration (April 1998)
Promises and Pitfalls
Diana G. Pounder - Editor

A comprehensive discussion, from multiple perspectives, of the complex nature of school collaboration efforts.

This book provides a more comprehensive discussion of collaborative school efforts than any other single source currently available. Specifically, multiple disciplinary perspectives are presented, addressing the complexity or "promises and pitfalls" of school collaboration efforts. The book is organized in terms...(Read More)
The School within Us
The School within Us (February 1998)
The Creation of an Innovative Public School
James Nehring - Author

The inspirational story of a group of teachers, parents, and students who face and overcome many challenges in their struggle to create a very unconventional school within a school.

"I believe the topic is the most important and significant topic today--how to go about rethinking our high schools. Rather than get caught up in theoretical discussions of this or that 'modernism,' Nehring talks about real kids, real parents...(Read More)
Community, Collaboration, and Collegiality in School Reform
Community, Collaboration, and Collegiality in School Reform (January 1998)
An Odyssey Toward Connections
Nina G. Dorsch - Author

A "tale from the trenches" of educational reform, this book chronicles a year in the life of four teachers as they implement an innovative new program.

"A remarkable vignette of an 'anywhere' suburban high school filled with 'everywhere' conflicts and opportunities. High schools are at the top of many reform agendas nationally. Tales of problems associated with the changing role of teachers are legendary, but tales that reflect on thes...(Read More)
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