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Exiles, Entrepreneurs, and Educators
Exiles, Entrepreneurs, and Educators (February 2019)
African Americans in Ghana
Steven J. L. Taylor - Author

Compares the political activities of African Americans who settled in Ghana in the 1950s and 1960s with those who settled in the 1980s to the present.

After repeated coups and periods of military rule, Ghana is now one of Africa’s longest enduring democratic republics. Exiles, Entrepreneurs, and Educators compares the political proclivities of two generations of African Americans who moved to Ghana. Steven J. L. Ta...(Read More)
No Rule of Law, No Democracy
No Rule of Law, No Democracy (December 2016)
Conflicts of Interest, Corruption, and Elections as Democratic Deficits
Cristina Nicolescu-Waggonner - Author

Argues that new democracies face consolidation challenges due to campaign finance corruption and the unwillingness of politicians to reform rule of law enforcement.

Mainstream theories assert that democracy cures corruption. In market economies, however, elections are expensive and parties, with ever-thinning memberships, cannot legally acquire the necessary campaign funds. In order to secure electoral funds, a ...(Read More)
Advocacy and Policymaking in South Korea
Advocacy and Policymaking in South Korea (October 2016)
How the Legacy of State and Society Relationships Shapes Contemporary Public Policy
Jiso Yoon - Author

Reveals how policymaking traditions prior to democratization continue to resonate within current South Korean public policy advocacy practices.
Who dominates in the contemporary policy process in South Korea? How do policy advocates engage in advocacy activities to exercise influence? Building on existing theories of state, society, and public policies in democracies, Advocacy and Policymaking in South Korea argues that ...(Read More)
Social Media in Iran
Social Media in Iran (December 2015)
Politics and Society after 2009
David M. Faris - Editor
Babak Rahimi - Editor

First comprehensive account of how the Internet has impacted life in Iran.

Social Media in Iran is the first book to tell the complex story of how and why the Iranian people—including women, homosexuals, dissidents, artists, and even state actors—use social media technology, and in doing so create a contentious environment wherein new identities and realities are constructed. Drawing together e...(Read More)
The Arab Revolution of 2011
The Arab Revolution of 2011 (April 2015)
A Comparative Perspective
Saïd Amir Arjomand - Editor

Comparative analysis of the 2011 Arab Spring uprisings.

How do we make sense of the Arab revolution of 2011? What were its successes, its failures, and significance in world history? The Arab Revolution of 2011 brings together a broad range of perspectives to explain the causes, processes, and consequences of the revolution of 2011 and its critical implications for the future. The contributors, in this majo...(Read More)
Old Nations, New Voters
Old Nations, New Voters (November 2008)
Nationalism, Transnationalism, and Democracy in the Era of Global Migration
David C. Earnest - Author

Groundbreaking empirical study of voting by resident aliens in established democracies.

In this groundbreaking study, David C. Earnest analyzes why democracies give noncitizens the right to vote. Bringing together theoretical debates in international relations and comparative politics about globalization, sovereignty, nationalism, citizenship, and state building, he examines how twenty-five democracies are co...(Read More)
Social Change in Iran
Social Change in Iran (January 2002)
An Eyewitness Account of Dissent, Defiance, and New Movements for Rights
Behzad Yaghmaian - Author

A multi-level insider's look at the changes transforming contemporary Iran.

Social Change in Iran is an inquiry into the recent changes in Iran, blending scholarly analysis, eyewitness accounts, and the author's personal experiences. It tells the stories of everyday people, be it young men and women challenging the cultural and social mandates of the Islamic Republic, or workers toiling at multiple jo...(Read More)
Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries
Ecological Policy and Politics in Developing Countries (April 1998)
Economic Growth, Democracy, and Environment
Uday Desai - Editor

Examines in depth the ecological problems, policies, and politics of ten major developing countries.

The interconnectedness of the global environment and finiteness of the earth's natural resources require an increased understanding of environmental and natural-resource policy and politics in countries around the world. This is especially true of industrializing countries where widespread ecological disturbances and rapid exploitat...(Read More)
Democratization and Social Settlements
Democratization and Social Settlements (August 1995)
The Politics of Change in Contemporary Portugal
Daniel Nataf - Author

Examines the transition to, and consolidation of, democracy in Portugal following the revolutionary events of 1975, during a period of major changes in socioeconomic structure. Nataf emphasizes that not only political institutions but also the fabric of social relations were uprooted, and he compares the Portuguese case to other models of European democratization and postwar settlements.
"This constitutes the first book-length study of th...(Read More)
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