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Crisis and Transformation
Crisis and Transformation (February 1997)
The Kibbutz at Century's End
Eliezer Ben-Rafael - Author

Examines kibbutz life following the Israeli economic crisis of 1985, focusing on the kibbutz's dramatic transformation from a well-defined social structure to a collective identified principally by its cultural preoccupations.
This book examines kibbutz life following the Israeli economic crisis of 1985, focusing on the kibbutz's dramatic transformation from a well-defined social structure to a collective identified principally by its cul...(Read More)
Giovanni Rutini
Giovanni Rutini (January 1997)
Father of Classic Sonata Procedures
Carlo Lombardi - Author

Explores how Rutini’s experimental work in sonata-allegra formal procedures played a significant role in the history of music.

For the author, a spring evening in Napoli spent playing the piano among friends led to the critical insight that “twentieth-century generations had not only been misguided, but musically misled.” The sonatas of composer Giovanni Rutini played that nigh...(Read More)
Bodily Discursions
Bodily Discursions (December 1996)
Genders, Representations, Technologies
Deborah S. Wilson - Editor
Christine Moneera Laennec - Editor

This collection of feminist essays from a variety of disciplines explores the idea of the body as a site for the production of political ideologies.
Bodily Discursions offers a multiplicity of feminist perspectives on the body, especially the female body, from a variety of disciplines: literary history, social theory, art history, cultural studies, the history of rhetoric, film, and literary criticism among others. Subjects range ...(Read More)
Essays on the Nature of Art
Essays on the Nature of Art (November 1996)
Eliot Deutsch - Author

Presents a theory of art which is at once universal in its general conception and historically-grounded in its attention to aesthetic practices in diverse cultures. Argues that art, especially today, enjoys a special kind of autonomy but that it has, nevertheless, important social and political responsibilities.
"Deutsch addresses one of philosophy's enduring questions. He offers a way of understanding how art can be understood both as ha...(Read More)
The Magic Mirror
The Magic Mirror (October 1996)
Myth's Abiding Power
Elizabeth M. Baeten - Author

Analyzes the theories of myth of Cassirer, Barthes, Eliade, and Hillman and offers an alternative original account of myth-making as an essential strand of cultural production.
"This is first-rate scholarship. What I like most about the book is its philosophical thesis and argument. The thesis is that myth is to be understood by a patchwork of theories about myth, like a quilt. The argument is an extensive analysis of Ernst Cassirer's the...(Read More)
Cross-Addressing (July 1996)
Resistance Literature and Cultural Borders
John C. Hawley - Editor

Using a "cultural studies" approach to the question of what constitutes literary study at the end of the twentieth century, the contributors address identity politics in specific cultural instances.

The sixteen original essays by scholars from around the world examine concerns common to writers who experience marginalization based upon their inescapable identification with two or more cultures. From Australian aboriginal and Maori, to ...(Read More)
Feminisms and Pedagogies of Everyday Life
Feminisms and Pedagogies of Everyday Life (July 1996)
Carmen Luke - Editor

Investigates the invisible and/or taken-for-granted places where lessons on gender and identity are translated to girls and women.

"It is widely believed that children enter school with femininities, masculinities and other social subjectivities constituted in their homes and communities through a variety of everyday practices. These common practices have rarely been designated as pedagogies, but do have the form and in...(Read More)
Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality
Obscenity, Anarchy, Reality (July 1996)
Crispin Sartwell - Author

Examines the consequences of utter affirmations of our world as it is, exploring the themes of transgressive sexuality, political anarchism, addiction, death, and embodiment.

"Sartwell invokes and comments in detail on selected texts of Emerson, Nietzsche, Havel, various anarchists, and Oglala Sioux. His book has made me examine more closely the relationship between my own philosophical concerns and the way I live my lif...(Read More)
The China Factor in Modern Japanese Thought
The China Factor in Modern Japanese Thought (July 1996)
The Case of Tachibana Shiraki, 1881-1945
Lincoln Li - Author

Examines the ideas of Tachibana Shiraki (1881-1945), a revisionist within the Japanese Kangaku tradition, which focused on incorporating Chinese elements into Japanese culture. Tachibana advocated the study of popular culture as the key to understanding contemporary society.

"Li has done an excellent job explaining how a Japanese political thinker can develop a program for China's future which rejects Western lib...(Read More)
Zones of Contention
Zones of Contention (July 1996)
Essays on Art, Institutions, Gender, and Anxiety
Carol Becker - Author

Addresses the questions: What might be the role of the artist in the 21st century? How essential is art to the psychic and political well-being of American society?
This collection of essays by cultural critic Carol Becker plumbs particular areas of controversy to understand what information these "zones of contention" might yield about the multifarious culture wars taking place within American society today.
In the process she addre...(Read More)
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