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From Hegel to Madonna
From Hegel to Madonna (February 1998)
Towards a General Economy of "Commodity Fetishism"
Robert Miklitsch - Author

Moves from the discourses of dialectical negation to cultural-populist affirmation--that is, from Hegel to Madonna Studies--in order to envision a mode of critique that can persuasively describe and explain the cultural contradictions of late capitalism.

From Hegel to Madonna presents a genealogical survey of the discourses of negation and affirmation associated with the work of Hegel, Adorno, Deleuze, and Guattar...(Read More)
The State of Terror
The State of Terror (February 1998)
Annamarie Oliverio - Author

A comparative analysis of one of the most devastating social problems of the contemporary world. Focuses not only on acts of terrorism by terrorists, but with their portrayal and manipulation by others, particularly the media, for social and political purposes.

Annamarie Oliverio asks us to question many of our basic ideas about terrorism, the identity of terrorists, and the ways we have come to recognize terrorist acti...(Read More)
Subjects of Deceit
Subjects of Deceit (January 1998)
A Phenomenology of Lying
Alison Leigh Brown - Author

Explores the connection between epistemological and moral "lying," interspersing a phenomenology of deceit with a continuing dialogue between the phenomenologist and one of her students.

Philosophy has traditionally concerned itself with truth and the knowledge of truth, but in recent years these concerns have been undermined or redirected. Systematic philosophy is said to be dead. Thus epistemology, according to this...(Read More)
The Phantom of the Cinema
The Phantom of the Cinema (December 1997)
Character in Modern Film
Lloyd Michaels - Author

The first book to focus on the representation of character in film, encompassing the art cinema, popular movies, and documentaries.

"I find this book continually interesting and alive with insights. With the cultural studies agenda alive today, character has returned to center stage, but generally as a mirror of types in society. Michaels delivers a more cinematic view of character, one that tells us more about the mediu...(Read More)
The Exploding Eye
The Exploding Eye (October 1997)
A Re-Visionary History of 1960s American Experimental Cinema
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Explores the work of lesser-known American experimental filmmakers whose films, though well-received and influential, have been excluded from the dominant film canon.

"This book brings together an extraordinary spectrum of filmmakers and documents that represent the spirit of a vital period in the history of American independent filmmaking and cinema in general. By letting these auteurs, in effect, speak for themselves and b...(Read More)
Genealogical Pragmatism
Genealogical Pragmatism (October 1997)
Philosophy, Experience, and Community
John J. Stuhr - Author

Drawing on the work of popular American writers, American philosophers, and Continental thinkers, this book provides a new interpretation of pragmatism and American philosophy.

"Stuhr's way of relating the American philosophical tradition to contemporary problems is genuinely enlightening. He contributes to the great revival of pragmatism by being one of its most sensible and sensitive interpreters." -- John Lachs, Vande...(Read More)
The Violence Mythos
The Violence Mythos (October 1997)
Barbara Whitmer - Author

Presents a powerful thesis on the nature and significance of violence and its mythos in Western culture, and offers an alternative interactive mythos that bridges the mind/body split inherent to most theories of violence.

The Violence Mythos presents us with a powerful thesis on the nature and significance of violence in human society. It develops its argument with passion and concern, combined with a lucid and sensitive intelli...(Read More)
Recreational Terror
Recreational Terror (July 1997)
Women and the Pleasures of Horror Film Viewing
Isabel Cristina Pinedo - Author

Challenges the conventional wisdom that violent horror films can only degrade women and incite violence.

"This book makes an important contribution to the study of the horror film, a field loaded with articles and texts but without the clear direction given it in Pinedo's fine study. Pinedo has seen some 600 films, and the wealth of this experience is reflected in the book. She makes distinctions that are neither obvious...(Read More)
Cultural Democracy
Cultural Democracy (May 1997)
Politics, Media, New Technology
David Trend - Author

Follows the work of a range of public intellectuals like Aronowitz, Giroux, hooks, Mouffe, and West, and argues for a 'radical democracy' capable of subverting traditional divisions of 'left' and'right.'

Following the work of a range of public intellectuals like Stanley Aronowitz, Henry Giroux, bell hooks, Chantal Mouffe, and Cornel West, Cultural Democracy argues for a "radical democracy" capable of subverting ...(Read More)
Out of Place
Out of Place (May 1997)
Homeless Mobilizations, Subcities, and Contested Landscapes
Talmadge Wright - Author

1998 Distinguished Scholarship Award of the Section on Marxist Sociology of the American Sociological Association
Discusses the impact of inner city redevelopment programs and policies on the homeless and shows the methods used (civil protests, squatting, and legal advocacy) by the homeless to organize a tactical resistance to restructuring efforts. Presents case studies of two different types of homeless organized resistance groups in...(Read More)
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