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Taking a Stand in a Postfeminist World
Taking a Stand in a Postfeminist World (November 2000)
Toward an Engaged Cultural Criticism
Frances E. Mascia-Lees - Author
Patricia Sharpe - Author

Ranging across contemporary culture from the academy to shopping malls, this book offers engaged cultural criticism in a postfeminist context.

Taking a Stand in a Postfeminist World offers an engaged cultural criticism in a postfeminist context. At the end of the twentieth century, an increasingly globalized world has given rise to a cultural complexity characterized by a rapid increase in competing discourses, fragmented subjec...(Read More)
Medical Progress and Social Reality
Medical Progress and Social Reality (October 2000)
A Reader in Nineteenth-Century Medicine and Literature
Lilian R. Furst - Editor

An anthology of nineteenth-century literature about medicine and medical issues.

Medical Progress and Social Reality is an anthology of nineteenth-century literature on medicine and medical practice. Situated at the interdisciplinary juncture of medicine, history, and literature, it includes mostly fictional but also some nonfictional works by British, French, American, and Russian writers that describe the day-t...(Read More)
Popular Modernity in America
Popular Modernity in America (September 2000)
Experience, Technology, Mythohistory
Michael Thomas Carroll - Author

Examines a wide variety of cultural and technological phenomena that have helped shape American popular culture over the last 150 years.

Does technology alter our ways of being in and perceiving the world, or does it merely serve as a conduit for predetermined patterns of culture? In addressing this question, Popular Modernity in America examines a broad range of related cultural and technological phenomena-from Bing Crosby to I...(Read More)
Primal Scenes of Communication
Primal Scenes of Communication (September 2000)
Communication, Consumerism, and Social Movements
Ian Angus - Author

Proposes a new theory of communication called "comparative media theory."

Primal Scenes of Communication argues that the materiality of communication media constitute social relations and that social relations should be understood as "technology-identity complexes." This theory is employed to characterize consumer society, and the social movements that criticize consumer society, as a unique epoch of communication.

"Throu...(Read More)
French Cultural Studies
French Cultural Studies (June 2000)
Criticism at the Crossroads
Marie-Pierre Le Hir - Editor
Dana Strand - Editor

Addresses the theoretical and pedagogical implications of redefining French Studies as an interdisciplinary field, while providing practical examples of the kind of criticism that such a shift would entail.

French Cultural Studies provides a theoretical framework for reconsidering the domain of knowledge and expertise traditionally associated with the discipline of French. The contributors accompany their analysis of a wide vari...(Read More)
Reading on the Edge
Reading on the Edge (June 2000)
Exiles, Modernities, and Cultural Transformation in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin
Cyraina E. Johnson-Roullier - Author

Examines the notion of exile and hybrid cultural identity in Proust, Joyce, and Baldwin, with implications for our understanding of modernism and the modernist canon.

Reading on the Edge explores the notion of multiple cultural identity and exile in the work of Marcel Proust, James Joyce, and James Baldwin. Focusing on the cultural politics of modernism through the prism of cultural theory, the book reconceiv...(Read More)
The Military and Militarism in Israeli Society
The Military and Militarism in Israeli Society (May 2000)
Edna Lomsky-Feder - Editor
Eyal Ben-Ari - Editor

The Military and Militarism in Israeli Society systematically examines the cultural and social construction of 'things military' within Israel. Contributors from comparative literature, film studies, sociology, anthropology, geography, history, and cultural studies explore the arenas in which the centrality of military matters are produced and reproduced by the state and by other public bodies. Analysis is presented using three perspectives: ...(Read More)
Creativity and Beyond
Creativity and Beyond (April 2000)
Cultures, Values, and Change
Robert Paul Weiner - Author

Explores how historical, artistic, and technological developments and cross-cultural exchange have altered our conceptions of creativity.

Creativity and Beyond offers a wide-ranging, interdisciplinary tour of cultures past and present to examine the different ways people have conceived of “creativity” and how the common understanding of creativity is changing in the current flux of global culture. Weiner analyzes the ways in whi...(Read More)
Elusive Culture
Elusive Culture (February 2000)
Schooling, Race, and Identity in Global Times
Daniel A. Yon - Author
Stuart Hall - Foreword by

A fascinating ethnographic study of a high school in Toronto, with surprising insights into how these adolescents identify themselves in terms of race, gender, ethnicity, and sexuality.

"At one point I thought of myself as a Black person and that limits me because as a Black person there are things that I am suppose[d] to be. So I had to shed that. I am not just Black. I am a woman, and that limits me as well. [But,]if I think that I a...(Read More)
Promising Language
Promising Language (December 1999)
Betrothal in Victorian Law and Fiction
Randall T.Craig - Author

Argues that Victorian legal, linguistic, and cultural attitudes toward promises--especially promises to marry--had a formative effect on novels of the period.

Promising Language
explores the linguistic and social ramifications of promising, and specifically promising to marry, in Victorian fiction. The concept of the promise--as speech act, as social practice and legal contract, and as structural principle and topos--lie...(Read More)
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