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Counterpleasures (May 1999)
Karmen MacKendrick - Author

Takes up a series of literary and physical pleasures that do not appear to be pleasurable, ranging from Christian saintly asceticism to Sadean narrative to contemporary s/m practices.

Counterpleasures takes up a series of literary and physical pleasures that do not appear to be pleasurable, ranging from saintly asceticism to Sadean narrative to leathersex. Each is placed in its cultural context to unfold a histor...(Read More)
Captive Bodies
Captive Bodies (April 1999)
Postcolonial Subjectivity in Cinema
Gwendolyn Audrey Foster - Author

Examines the film industry's fascination with bondage and captivity.
"Foster's text is audacious in its conceptualization and treatment of cultural 'captivity.' Through her discussion not only of film texts but also of modes of film production, she identifies and examines the various expressions, both containing and transgressive, of the narrative of captivity that are bound to culturally pervasive representations of gender, sexuality, an...(Read More)
Cultural Activisms
Cultural Activisms (January 1999)
Poetic Voices, Political Voices
Gertrude M. James Gonzalez - Editor
Anne J. M. Mamary - Editor

Offers a multiple-genred mosaic of multiple resistances to oppression through a variety of styles and mediums.

This text presents art and writing which is political rather than theorizing about how art and writing might be political. The wide array of voices and styles is one of the book's strengths as it not only offers a multi-faceted approach toward activism and positive change, but also speaks a range of emotions fr...(Read More)
Race, Rhetoric, and the Postcolonial
Race, Rhetoric, and the Postcolonial (January 1999)
Gary A. Olson - Editor
Lynn Worsham - Editor

Six internationally renowned intellectuals are brought together in a cross-disciplinary dialogue that addresses rhetoric, writing, race, feminist theory, cultural studies, and postcolonial theory.

Race, Rhetoric, and the Postcolonial brings together six scholarly interviews with internationally renowned intellectuals outside of rhetoric and composition whose work has direct implications for scholarship within the...(Read More)
Redirecting the Gaze
Redirecting the Gaze (November 1998)
Gender, Theory, and Cinema in the Third World
Diana Robin - Editor
Ira Jaffe - Editor

Examines the work and aspirations of women filmmakers in Latin America, Africa, and Asia, as well as in marginalized communities within the United States, with particular attention to issues of gender, race, nation, and aesthetics.

"This book provides a broad spectrum of essays on the phenomenon of Third Cinema, including considerations of directors and cinema in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. For anyone looking for an...(Read More)
Beclouded Visions
Beclouded Visions (October 1998)
Hiroshima-Nagasaki and the Art of Witness
Kyo Maclear - Author

The trauma of Hiroshima and Nagasaki demonstrates the limits of dominant visual models, such as photography, for providing adequate historical memory. The author argues that collective traumas suggest the need for a prolonged gaze, such as can be provided by expressive art.

Beclouded Visions is an exploration of the many and varied ways in which atrocity has shaped the requirements of art, vision, and collective memory in the tw...(Read More)
Solidarity and Difference
Solidarity and Difference (October 1998)
The Politics of Enlightenment in the Aftermath of Modernity
George Trey - Author

Transcends the dichotomy between modernism and postmodernism by arguing for an ethically based notion of solidarity tolerant of radical difference.

"The issues with which the author is concerned are subtle, complex, and intricate, the texts with which he deals are themselves notoriously difficult and often intentionally obscure, and many of the recent books in this area of philosophy/social theory do little to clarify the original text...(Read More)
Modernity's Pretenses
Modernity's Pretenses (October 1998)
Making Reality Fit Reason from Candide to the Gulag
Karlis Racevskis - Author

Undermines modernity's authority through a cultural and historical examination of texts and thinkers from the Enlightenment to post-Stalinist Europe.

Modernity's Pretenses undermines modernity's authority through a cultural and historical examination of texts and thinkers from the Enlightenment to post-Stalinist Europe. Racevskis argues that modernity's elaborate designs for rationalizing the world have mainly fun...(Read More)
A Semiotic of Ethnicity
A Semiotic of Ethnicity (September 1998)
In (Re)cognition of the Italian/American Writer
Anthony Julian Tamburri - Author

Reexamines the notion of the "hyphenate writer," and offers a specific reading strategy that we may consider the Italian/American writer in the age of semiotics, poststructuralism, and the like.

"Tamburri makes crucial connections among the various generations of Italian/American writers, that, while rooted in the most authoritative scholarship, also provokes us to 'look forward' as to how we might see Ita...(Read More)
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media (September 1998)
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor
Theresa Carilli - Editor

Combining case studies and critical analysis, this book examines how the electronic and print media's representation of cultural groups such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Chicanos contribute to the understanding (and misunderstanding) of this country's cultural experience.

This book provides rich and detailed accounts of how the media filters racial/ethnic identity through economic...(Read More)
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