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A Semiotic of Ethnicity
A Semiotic of Ethnicity (September 1998)
In (Re)cognition of the Italian/American Writer
Anthony Julian Tamburri - Author

Reexamines the notion of the "hyphenate writer," and offers a specific reading strategy that we may consider the Italian/American writer in the age of semiotics, poststructuralism, and the like.

"Tamburri makes crucial connections among the various generations of Italian/American writers, that, while rooted in the most authoritative scholarship, also provokes us to 'look forward' as to how we might see Ita...(Read More)
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media
Cultural Diversity and the U.S. Media (September 1998)
Yahya R. Kamalipour - Editor
Theresa Carilli - Editor

Combining case studies and critical analysis, this book examines how the electronic and print media's representation of cultural groups such as African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Native Americans, Latinos, and Chicanos contribute to the understanding (and misunderstanding) of this country's cultural experience.

This book provides rich and detailed accounts of how the media filters racial/ethnic identity through economic...(Read More)
Passport to Hollywood
Passport to Hollywood (September 1998)
Hollywood Films, European Directors
James Morrison - Author

CHOICE 1999 Outstanding Academic Book

Examines popular films made in Hollywood by European directors, offering a fresh take on the much-debated issue of the "great divide" between modernism and mass culture.

"James Morrison's Passport to Hollywood is a superb examination of the American films of some of the most gifted European cineastes. Using such classic films as Scarlet Street, ...(Read More)
The Gift of Touch
The Gift of Touch (September 1998)
Embodying the Good
Stephen David Ross - Author

Traces Western ideas of corporeal bodies from Plato to contemporary feminist and postructuralist writings, with the purpose of reexamining the good, identified in Plato as that which gives authority to knowledge and truth.

The Gift of Touch is the third volume in Ross's ongoing examinination of the Western philosophical tradition in ethical terms, from the standpoint of the good, giving rise to endless responsibil...(Read More)
Democratic Artworks
Democratic Artworks (August 1998)
Politics and the Arts from Trilling to Dylan
Charles Hersch - Author

Focusing on the political movements of the 1950s and 1960s, this book argues that the arts can strengthen democracy by politically educating citizens.

Focusing on a period in which the meaning of democracy came to the forefront of public debate, the fifties and sixties, the author argues that the arts can strengthen democracy by politically educating citizens. Hersch addresses this issue by first looking at the ideas of...(Read More)
Eating Culture
Eating Culture (August 1998)
Ron Scapp - Editor
Brian Seitz - Editor

Explores the relationship between eating and culture from a variety of perspectives, including anthropology, sociology, philosophy, gender studies, race studies, architecture, and AIDS discourse.

"The probing and finely detailed analyses of contemporary eating practices provided by Eating Culture make it an important contribution to contemporary cultural studies. Although the book takes as its subject a topic of ...(Read More)
Don Juan East/West
Don Juan East/West (July 1998)
On the Problematics of Comparative Literature
Takayuki Yokota-Murakami - Author

An essential guide for those who seek to reconsider the theoretical problems of (trans-civilizational) comparative literature, those who are interested in the literary and cultural history of modern East Asian countries, and those with a general interest in issues of sexuality.

From its early proponents via Rene Etiemble and Claudio Guillen to Jonathan Culler, comparative literature has always been viewed, with much hop...(Read More)
The Folklore of Consensus
The Folklore of Consensus (June 1998)
Theatricality in the Italian Cinema, 1930-1943
Marcia Landy - Author

Examines the Italian popular cinema's preoccupation with theatricality in the 1930s and early 1940s, arguing that theatricality was a form of politics--a politics of style.

Marcia Landy's The Folklore of Consensus examines the theatricality in the Italian popular cinema of the 1930s and early 1940s, arguing that theatricality was a form of politics--a politics of style. While film critics no longer regard the comm...(Read More)
The Transparency of Spectacle
The Transparency of Spectacle (May 1998)
Meditations on the Moving Image
Wheeler Winston Dixon - Author

Considers the ephemeral nature of the cinematic experience as we now apprehend it, and examines the ways in which technological advances in film and moving image production have changed this experience over the course of the last thirty-odd years.

"This is an exciting book, bursting with insights and information on virtually every page. A vast range of films and an equally astonishing range of references combine to...(Read More)
Hair (April 1998)
Its Power and Meaning in Asian Cultures
Alf Hiltebeitel - Editor
Barbara D. Miller - Editor
Gananath Obeyesekere - Foreword by

An interdisciplinary exploration of the meanings of hair in Asia from classical times to contemporary contexts.

Hair--whether present or absent, restored or removed, abundant or scarce, long or short, bound or unbound, colored or natural--marks a person as clearly as speech, clothing, and smell. It defines a person's gender, sexual availability and desirability, age, social status, and even political stance. It may also...(Read More)
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