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Mail-Orders (March 2002)
The Fiction of Letters in Postmodern Culture
Sunka Simon - Author

Explores contemporary uses of letters and letter writing—including electronic mail—in literature, film, and art.

While the advent and structure of electronic mail has been discussed in web caucuses, newspapers, hypertext theory, and communication theory, it has not yet been considered in conjunction with epistolary scenarios in film, art, and literature. To address this gap, Mail-Orders explores the ...(Read More)
Signs of Struggle
Signs of Struggle (February 2002)
The Rhetorical Politics of Cultural Difference
Thomas R. West - Author

Focuses on signifiers of cultural difference, such as sexuality, class, gender, and race, and how they are connected to theories of writing.

Synthesizing rhetorical and cultural theory, Signs of Struggle generates innovative approaches to current critical theories of difference, culture, gender, and race, sheds new light on multicultural issues, and suggests productive avenues for further exploration. Through a...(Read More)
Incorporating Cultural Theory
Incorporating Cultural Theory (January 2002)
Maternity at the Millennium
John O'Neill - Author

Uses psychoanalysis to reconsider cultural studies with a focus on wholeness and integration.

Incorporating Cultural Theory
addresses the status of the body and sexuality in cultural criticism by focusing on issues of sexuality, intimacy, and identity. With a perspective grounded in body politics, O'Neill offers careful but contesting studies of theorists including Barthes, Derrida, Lyotard, Freud, Lacan, Hegel, Par...(Read More)
Between Ethics and Aesthetics
Between Ethics and Aesthetics (January 2002)
Crossing the Boundaries
Dorota Glowacka - Editor
Stephen Boos - Editor

Rethinks the existing definitions of aesthetics and ethics and the relations between them.

This forum of current discussions of ethics and aesthetics addresses a cross-section of disciplines including literary theory, philosophy, women's studies, postcolonial theory, art history, Holocaust studies, theology, and others. Contributors, ranging from philosophers and literary critics to practicing artists and art cur...(Read More)
Stories of Change
Stories of Change (January 2002)
Narrative and Social Movements
Joseph E. Davis - Editor

Applies narrative analysis to the study of social movements.

Despite the amount of storytelling in social movements, little attention has been paid to narrative as a form of movement discourse or as a mode of social interaction. Stories of Change is a systematic study of narrative as well as a demonstration of the power of narrative analysis to illuminate many features of contemporary social movements. Davis in...(Read More)
Productive Postmodernism
Productive Postmodernism (December 2001)
Consuming Histories and Cultural Studies
John N. Duvall - Editor
Linda Hutcheon - Afterword

Investigates a broad range of contemporary fiction, film, and architecture to address the role of history in postmodern cultural productions.

Productive Postmodernism
addresses the differing accounts of postmodernism found in the work of Fredric Jameson and Linda Hutcheon, a debate that centers around the two theorists' senses of pastiche and parody. For Jameson, postmodern texts are ahistorical, playing with pa...(Read More)
The Institution of Literature
The Institution of Literature (December 2001)
Jeffrey J. Williams - Editor

Leading voices in literary and cultural studies examine the study of literature at the college level, including the fate of theory, the rise of cultural studies, the academic “star” system, and the difficult job market.

In response to the classic question “What is literature?” we usually look to the novels, poems, and plays on our shelves. The Institution of Literature turns this question ar...(Read More)
Dead Ringers
Dead Ringers (November 2001)
The Remake in Theory and Practice
Jennifer Forrest - Editor
Leonard R. Koos - Editor

Addresses the important role of remakes in film culture, from early cinema to contemporary Hollywood

While the popular press has criticized movie remakes as signs of Hollywood's collective lack of imagination, the essays in Dead Ringers reveal the centrality and staying power of remakes as a formative genre in filmmaking. The contributors show that the practice of remaking films dates back to the origins of cinema...(Read More)
Between Witness and Testimony
Between Witness and Testimony (October 2001)
The Holocaust and the Limits of Representation
Michael Bernard-Donals - Author
Richard Glejzer - Author

Examines the ethical and pedagogical stakes of representing the Holocaust in books, films, and museum exhibits.

The Holocaust presents an immense challenge to those who would represent it or teach it through fiction, film, or historical accounts. Even the testimonies of those who were there provide only a glimpse of the disaster to those who were not. Between Witness and Testimony investigates the difficulties ...(Read More)
Writing the Radical Center
Writing the Radical Center (October 2001)
William Carlos Williams, John Dewey, and American Cultural Politics
John Beck - Author

Explores the cultural work of two important early-twentieth-century writers: the poet William Carlos Williams and the educator/philosopher John Dewey, both key figures in American democracy.

Placing the philosopher John Dewey and the poet William Carlos Williams together--two important figures of twentieth-century American culture--this book examines the ambitions and failings of progressive liberal culture during the fi...(Read More)
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