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Writing the Radical Center
Writing the Radical Center (October 2001)
William Carlos Williams, John Dewey, and American Cultural Politics
John Beck - Author

Explores the cultural work of two important early-twentieth-century writers: the poet William Carlos Williams and the educator/philosopher John Dewey, both key figures in American democracy.

Placing the philosopher John Dewey and the poet William Carlos Williams together--two important figures of twentieth-century American culture--this book examines the ambitions and failings of progressive liberal culture during the fi...(Read More)
Eating Their Words
Eating Their Words (September 2001)
Cannibalism and the Boundaries of Cultural Identity
Kristen Guest - Editor
Maggie Kilgour - Foreword by

Examines the figure of the cannibal as it relates to cultural identity in a wide range of literary and cultural texts.

Linking cannibalism to issues of difference crucial to contemporary literary criticism and theory, the essays included here cover material from a variety of contexts and historical periods and approach their subjects from a range of critical perspectives. Along with such canonical works as The Odyssey...(Read More)
Reading Simulacra
Reading Simulacra (September 2001)
Fatal Theories for Postmodernity
M. W. Smith - Author

Traces the ways in which our culture has increasingly become a culture of simulations, and offers strategies for discerning meaning in a world where the difference between what is real and what is simulated has collapsed.

Reading Simulacra analyzes the ways in which our culture has become fatally immersed in simulation. Television, the Internet, virtual reality, and other advancements in technology and information...(Read More)
Postcolonial, Queer
Postcolonial, Queer (August 2001)
Theoretical Intersections
John C. Hawley - Editor

Uses postcolonial theory to critique the globalization of gay culture.

"John Hawley's Postcolonial, Queer is one of the best handbooks examining the intersection of postcolonial and queer that I have seen. It reprints some classic papers, such as Joseph Boone's essay on the homoerotics of Orientalism (from the PMLA) and includes a series of brilliant new essays running the gamut from close literary analysis of North Afric...(Read More)
Whiteness Just Isn't What It Used To Be
Whiteness Just Isn't What It Used To Be (August 2001)
White Identity in a Changing South Africa
Melissa Steyn - Author

Winner of the 2002 Outstanding Book Award, National Communication Association, International and Intercultural Communication Division

Narratively explores how the changes in South Africa's social and political structure are changing the white population's identity and sense of self.

The election of 1994, which heralded the demise of Apartheid as a legally enforced institutionalization of &qu...(Read More)

Textual Traffic
Textual Traffic (April 2001)
Colonialism, Modernity, and the Economy of the Text
S. Shankar - Author

Examines travel narratives as a genre.

In Textual Traffic, S. Shankar clarifies notions of modernity and postmodernity by lucidly examining their relationship to colonialism. In the process, he challenges current emphases in cultural criticism through an exploration of what it means to regard the text as an economy and carries out a detailed scrutiny of travel narratives as a genre.

Paying particular...(Read More)
The Films of Harold Pinter
The Films of Harold Pinter (April 2001)
Steven H. Gale - Editor

Examines the screenplays of the master British dramatist and screenwriter Harold Pinter.

The Films of Harold Pinter is a collection of ten original essays on the screenplays of master British dramatist and screenwriter Harold Pinter. Written by noted Pinter and film specialists, the book explores individual Pinter masterpieces such as The French Lieutenant's Woman, The Go-Between, Accident, an...(Read More)
Critics Not Caretakers
Critics Not Caretakers (March 2001)
Redescribing the Public Study of Religion
Russell T. McCutcheon - Author

A lively critique of the study of religion in the modern academy, one that makes the scholar of religion a cultural critic rather than a caretaker of a religious tradition or a guru dispensing timeless wisdom.

Critics Not Caretakers
argues that the study of religion must be rethought as an ordinary aspect of social, historical existence, a stance that makes the scholar of religion a critic of cultural practices rather...(Read More)
Semiotics and Dis/ability
Semiotics and Dis/ability (March 2001)
Interrogating Categories of Difference
Linda J. Rogers - Editor
Beth Blue Swadener - Editor

Examines the ways that the labels "disability" and "difference" are socially and culturally constructed.

This book brings together a unique collection of personal narratives and summaries of studies that problematize existing meanings of "disability" and "difference." Using applied semiotics as an analytical lens, the contributors examine the ways that these labels are socially and culturally constructed. Contributors in...(Read More)
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls (March 2001)
Gender in Film at the End of the Twentieth Century
Murray Pomerance - Editor

Examines gender roles in contemporary foreign and Hollywood films amid changing social, political, cultural, and economic conditions.

Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls examines the bizarre and fascinating range of gender portrayals in film at the end of the twentieth century. In order to view the screened face of gender in bold new ways, the contributors cover a wide variety of cinematic forms and styles--from ...(Read More)
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