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The Internet in the Middle East
The Internet in the Middle East (October 2005)
Global Expectations and Local Imaginations in Kuwait
Deborah L. Wheeler - Author

A surprising look at how the Internet does, and does not, affect public discourse and social practice in the Middle East and Kuwait in particular.

Providing one of the first ethnographies of the Internet revolution in the Arab world, The Internet in the Middle East analyzes the ways in which the Internet affects public discourse and social practice in Islamic society. With a special focus on Kuwait, Deb...(Read More)
Women on the Verge of Home
Women on the Verge of Home (March 2005)
Bilinda Straight - Editor
Ruth Behar - Foreword by

Interrogates the comfortable and stable contours of "home," asking what it means to women in different social, class, sexual, ethnic, and racial contexts in different times and places.

This book explores the idea of "home." Using feminist scholarship and ethnographically grounded readings of historical, literary, and cultural texts, contributors interrogate the comfortable and stable contours of ho...(Read More)
Culture, Economy, Power
Culture, Economy, Power (April 2002)
Anthropology as Critique, Anthropology as Praxis
Winnie Lem - Editor
Belinda Leach - Editor

Confronts major questions facing anthropology, Marxist theory, cultural studies, feminism, and history.

Grounded in a conviction that anthropological knowledge implies critique and that engaging in anthropology is also ultimately an act of praxis, various contributors explore the ways in which the precepts of Marxism continue to illuminate and enhance our understanding of culture, economy, and politics. They focus on the...(Read More)
Social Constructions of Nationalism in the Middle East
Social Constructions of Nationalism in the Middle East (January 2002)
Fatma Müge Göçek - Editor

A comparative analysis of the social and cultural dimensions of nationalism in the Middle East.

While Middle Eastern nationalism is most often examined from the political viewpoint, this book adds a fresh perspective by exploring the social and cultural dimensions. Although most scholars agree that nationalism is the most significant social and political phenomenon of the twentieth century, shaping individuals, socie...(Read More)
Looking Beyond the Mask
Looking Beyond the Mask (August 2001)
When American Women Marry Japanese Men
Nancy Brown Diggs - Author

Interviews with women in cross-cultural marriages, offering a unique insightinto Japanese life.

Looking Beyond the Mask focuses on the personal stories of the growing number of American women who--despite vast cultural differences, and sometimes because of them--are married to Japanese men. Although the problems encountered in such marriages are similar to those found in any union, there are cultural implications that can...(Read More)
Woodcutters and Witchcraft
Woodcutters and Witchcraft (March 2000)
Rationality and Interpretive Change in the Social Sciences
Mark W. Risjord - Author

Uncovers the methodological principles that govern interpretive change.

Well written and richly illustrated with vivid examples from Wittgenstein's woodcutters to witchcraft in Mexico and elsewhere, this book argues that the underlying methodological principle governing interpretive change is explanatory coherence.

"Mark Risjord's book is an important and original contribution to the philosophy of the social sciences. Wit...(Read More)
Women in Transition
Women in Transition (July 1998)
Voices from Lithuania
Suzanne LaFont - Editor

Written by leading women scholars, this first and only book published about Lithuanian women details the historical, social, economic, and political issues affecting women during the transition from communism to democracy.

Women in Transition addresses the historical, social, economic and political dynamics affecting the lives of women during Lithuania's transition from communism to democracy. This book demonstra...(Read More)
Subversions of International Order
Subversions of International Order (December 1997)
Studies in the Political Anthropology of Culture
John Borneman - Author

Uses ethnographic tools to analyze political disorder and its representation at the end of the Cold War.

"This book takes up burning problems in new ways by someone deeply versed in his field with a sensitivity to nuance and detail no less than to an acute sense of urgency. The reality to which most of the essays are dedicated is one never or rarely discussed by anthropologists, namely East Germany and neighboring state...(Read More)
Tourism and Culture
Tourism and Culture (July 1997)
An Applied Perspective
Erve Chambers - Editor

Essays and case studies by anthropologists provide insight into what measures might be necessary to mitigate the potentially harmful effects of tourism on host communities.

Anthropologists and other social scientists have only recently undertaken systematic studies of modern tourism. The need for such research is apparent given the fact that the travel and tourism industry has become one of the largest industries in the ...(Read More)
Desert Songs
Desert Songs (July 1996)
Western Images of Morocco and Moroccan Images of the West
John Maier - Author

Examines American and Middle Eastern texts in studies of Orientalism and Occidentalism, and argues for a new approach to cultural studies that incorporates a wider variety of materials.

In an unusual approach to cultural studies, John Maier examines a wide variety of modern Western and Eastern texts. He brings together very different forms of cultural production: modern and postmodern fiction and folktales, advertisin...(Read More)
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