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Racism, Public Schooling, and the Entrenchment of White Supremacy
Racism, Public Schooling, and the Entrenchment of White Supremacy (April 2011)
A Critical Race Ethnography
Sabina E. Vaught - Author

Demonstrates how ingrained ideas of race created and sustain racism and inequity in U.S. schools.

Racism and inequity in U.S. education are pervasive and consistent problems, unavoidable facts of public schooling in this country. This book is a multisite critical race ethnography of institutional relationships and organization in a large, urban, West Coast school district. In this daring and provocative work, Sab...(Read More)

Emancipatory Movements in Composition
Emancipatory Movements in Composition (July 2002)
The Rhetoric of Possibility
Andrea Greenbaum - Author

Examines liberatory learning practices in the contemporary composition classroom.  

Emancipatory Movements in Composition provides an overview of the four major disciplines that have, for the last ten years, influenced and guided the direction of composition studies. Drawing on contemporary social and rhetorical theory, this is the first cultural studies text deeply informed by classical rhetoric, feminis...(Read More)
Opening Spaces
Opening Spaces (March 2001)
Critical Pedagogy and Resistance Theory in Composition
Joe Marshall Hardin - Author

Examines the relationship between instruction and academic culture in the college writing classroom.

Calling for an empowerment of student authority and a realization of the constraints placed on critical teachers in the current educational climate, Opening Spaces proposes a new way to theorize critical work in the writing classroom recognizing the importance and materiality of student writing and employing curren...(Read More)
Insurrections (February 2001)
Approaches to Resistance in Composition Studies
Andrea Greenbaum - Editor
Gary A. Olson - Foreword by

Explores theoretical and pedagogical approaches to "resistance," showing how this concept plays out in the college writing classroom.

A provocative collaboration by some of the foremost scholars in composition studies, this book explores both the theoretical and pedagogical approaches to "resistance." The contributors clarify not only the meaning(s) of resistance, through both a political and historical framework, but al...(Read More)
Relocating the Personal
Relocating the Personal (February 2001)
A Critical Writing Pedagogy
Barbara Kamler - Author
Michelle Fine - Foreword by

A rich array of interesting ways to teach personal writing critically and in settings where it has typically been excluded.

Addressing the current and growing interest in the personal, the self, and the autobiographical not only in the teaching of writing, but also across many disciplinary and subject fields, Relocating the Personal describes a rich array of practical approaches to teaching the personal in set...(Read More)
Words in the Wilderness
Words in the Wilderness (January 2000)
Critical Literacy in the Borderlands
Stephen Gilbert Brown - Author
Gary A. Olson - Foreword by

2001 W. Ross Winterowd Award, Best book in composition theory presented by JAC and the Association of Teachers of Advanced Composition
Blends vivid personal accounts and sophisticated theoretical analysis to make a compelling book about one teacher's experience teaching on an Athabascan Indian Reservation in Alaska.
Using the author's intensely personal, reflective, provocative account of his time teaching on an Athabascan ...(Read More)
Sociology of Education
Sociology of Education (September 1998)
Emerging Perspectives
Carlos Alberto Torres - Editor
Theodore R. Mitchell - Editor

Examines emerging theoretical and methodological approaches to the field of sociology of education. These perspectives draw on notions of social justice, diversity, multiculturalism, and detracking.

Sociology of Education discusses emerging theoretical and methodological approaches to the field of sociology of education. These emerging perspectives focus on the scholarship of class, race, gender and the state in education, and ...(Read More)
Speaking the Unpleasant
Speaking the Unpleasant (April 1998)
The Politics of (non)Engagement in the Multicultural Education Terrain
Rudolfo Chavez Chavez - Editor
James O'Donnell - Editor

1999 Gustavus Myers Outstanding Book Awards Honorable Mention

Discusses the issue of engagement, and nonengagement, of students in multicultural education programs.

"This volume creates a multicultural education dialog by and for teachers. The chapters address personal and institutional reflections that continuously probe into pre-and inservice students' tacit knowledge and mystified historic...(Read More)
Ethnic Identity and Power
Ethnic Identity and Power (April 1998)
Cultural Contexts of Political Action in School and Society
Yali Zou - Editor
Enrique T. Trueba - Editor

A stimulating comparative examination of the educational ramifications of cultural identity, with implications for public policy.

"I was captured by the 'guts' of this book. It's a courageous and much needed volume which tackles, head-on and quite candidly, current world crises of power and dominance and struggles with persistent and pernicious racism. A fine balance of academic and 'real world' knowledge. An excellent contribut...(Read More)
Ethnomathematics (April 1997)
Challenging Eurocentrism in Mathematics Education
Arthur B. Powell - Editor
Marilyn Frankenstein - Editor

Presents the emerging field of ethnomathematics from a critical perspective, challenging particular ways in which Eurocentrism permeates mathematics education and mathematics in general.

This collection brings together classic, previously published articles and new research to present the emerging field of ethnomathematics from a critical perspective, challenging particular ways in which Eurocentrism permeates mathemati...(Read More)
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