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Toward A More Perfect Union
Toward A More Perfect Union (January 1989)
Six Essays on the Constitution
Neil L. York - Editor

Toward a More Perfect Union is the last of a three-volume series examining the Constitution--as it was drafted and ratified, and the uses made of it over the past two hundred years. Each volume includes essays first presented at conferences on the Bicentennial of the Constitution held at Brigham Young University in 1985, 1986, and 1987, and several additional essays written especially for these anthologies.

Contributo...(Read More)
Liberty, Property, and the Foundations of the American Constitution
Liberty, Property, and the Foundations of the American Constitution (December 1988)
Ellen Frankel Paul - Editor
Howard Dickman - Editor

Here is what the Framers of the Constitution thought about economic rights. To the current debate over constitutional interpretation, this book adds a dispassionate examination of our beginnings. It focuses on the philosophical, political, and social currents that influenced the thought and behavior of the Framers.

What was the relationship between property rights and liberty? How important to the Framers was the protection of economic lib...(Read More)
The Constitution and the Regulation of Society
The Constitution and the Regulation of Society (July 1988)
Gary C. Bryner - Editor
Dennis L. Thompson - Editor

In the two hundred years since ratification of the Constitution, government regulation of American society has grown enormously in both scope and complexity. The Framers, who made short work of regulation with the simple admonition that "Congress shall have the power To... regulate Commerce," would surely blanch at the extent to which those few words have since been interpreted. Beyond mere immensity, one wonders if they could have foreseen the de...(Read More)
Constitutionalism and Rights
Constitutionalism and Rights (November 1987)
Gary C. Bryner - Author
Noel B. Reynolds - Author

Constitutionalism and Rights explores the ambivalent relationship between the American tradition of constitutionalism and the notions of rights that have emerged over the last three centuries. The six essays focus systematically on selected tensions between these two fundamental strands in the American tradition of liberty and self-government. Discussed are: ideas of rights and constitutionalism generally; mechanisms and procedures necessary ...(Read More)
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