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Politics and Constitutionalism
Politics and Constitutionalism (May 2000)
The Louis Fisher Connection
Robert J. Spitzer - Editor

Examines the work of Louis Fisher, renowned scholar of constitutional law and politics.

Politics and Constitutionalism presents a collection of eight original essays by leading political science and law scholars, organized to recognize and analyze Louis Fisher's prolific and important body of work. The essays explore the role of all three branches of government in shaping constitutional meaning and institutional behavior, noting...(Read More)
God Versus Caesar
God Versus Caesar (May 1999)
Belief, Worship, and Proselytizing under the First Amendment
Martin S. Sheffer - Author

God Versus Caesar reviews and analyses the judicial development of the free exercise of religion clause, from its protection for belief and certain forms of worship to its guarantee of religiously motivated behavior. This book also provides guidelines for the future direction of judicial review in free exercise cases and examines law as it develops in response to changing social values and policy. Sheffer answers how, where, and why lines are...(Read More)
Representing Popular Sovereignty
Representing Popular Sovereignty (March 1999)
The Constitution in American Political Culture
Daniel Lessard Levin - Author

Explores the contradiction between the Constitution's importance as a political document with its weakness as a symbol in American popular culture.

Using the events of the Constitution's Bicentennial from 1987 to 1991 as a case study, Representing Popular Sovereignty explores the contradiction between the Constitution's importance as a political document and its weakness as a symbol in American popular culture....(Read More)
Our Elusive Constitution
Our Elusive Constitution (August 1997)
Silences, Paradoxes, Priorities
Daniel N. Hoffman - Author

Through a distinctive blending of political and legal analysis, this book draws attention to urgent questions in constitutional thought that have received inadequate attention from courts and scholars. Daniel N. Hoffman argues that we can avoid the pitfalls of much legal and political-science scholarship if we attend carefully to certain problems posed by constitutional silences, paradoxes, and priorities. "Silences" are issues of current concern on...(Read More)
Representation in Crisis
Representation in Crisis (July 1996)
The Constitution, Interest Groups, and Political Parties
David K. Ryden - Author

Details how the Supreme Court has impoverished the constitutional standing of political parties, thereby contributing to a crisis of representation.

Confronting a fundamentally important but often neglected reality in American politics, this book shows the powerful influence of the courts in determining the shape and operation of our politics. The author exhaustively details how the Supreme Court has impoverished the co...(Read More)
The Bill of Rights
The Bill of Rights (August 1994)
A Bicentennial Assessment
Gary C. Bryner - Editor
A. Don Sorensen - Editor

This book explores the state of rights in America, examines their roots, assesses their effectiveness, discusses their future, and considers how the experience of the U.S. in defining and securing rights can serve as an important source of ideas for other countries. Written by philosophers, legal scholars, and political scientists, the essays contained here consider how well constitutional rights have accomplished their purpose of securing basic li...(Read More)
Property Rights and the Constitution
Property Rights and the Constitution (July 1993)
Shaping Society Through Land Use Regulation
Dennis J. Coyle - Author

Controversies over public regulation of private land have dominated political agendas in recent years, especially at the local level. Land use and environmental regulation have reached unprecedented levels, and federal and state courts have garnered recent headlines by striking down regulations. Rights and regulations are on a collision course, and how they are reconciled will have a major impact on individuals, governments, and communities in the...(Read More)
The Constitution and the American Presidency
The Constitution and the American Presidency (March 1991)
Martin L. Fausold - Editor
Alan Shank - Editor

"It presents coverage of constitutional and presidential powers by some of the top scholars of the presidency. No other book has managed to pull together so many topics dealing with the Constitution and the presidency." -- John K. White

In this unusual and provocative volume, historians examine the presidencies of Jefferson, Jackson, Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, F. D. R., and Truman, while political scientists assess the contemporary preside...(Read More)
Liberty, Property, and the Future of Constitutional Development
Liberty, Property, and the Future of Constitutional Development (July 1990)
Howard Dickman - Editor
Ellen Frankel Paul - Editor

This book is a discussion of current trends in the constitutional protection of economic liberties.Since the mid-1930's, the Supreme Court has been reluctant to replace legislative judgements on matters of economic regulation with its own. While the Court permits wide legislative experimentation in the economic realm, it scrutinizes governmental attempts to regulate or abridge other civil liberties quite closely. This state of affairs is known as th...(Read More)
Liberty, Property, and Government
Liberty, Property, and Government (July 1989)
Constitutional Interpretation Before the New Deal
Ellen Frankel Paul - Editor
Howard Dickman - Editor

This book examines the constitutional protection of economic rights through the nineteenth century and the first three decades of the twentieth.

The authors grapple with such questions as: how should the commerce clause be interpreted? To what extent did the historical development of eminent domain law depart from the “rhetoric” of takings jurisprudence? How was the Constitution connected to economic growth in the ...(Read More)
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