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A Chill in the House
A Chill in the House (October 2001)
Actor Perspectives on Change and Continuity in the Pursuit of Legislative Success
Lewis G. Irwin - Author

Examines the growth of obstacles to legislative success since the 1960s in the U.S. House of Representatives.

How do laws come into being in today's Congress? Is public policy made the same way now as it was in the past? In seeking to convert an idea into law, would contemporary legislative actors identify key participants, chamber procedures, strategies, or legislative products differently than their counterpart...(Read More)
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations
Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations (August 1999)
A Multiple Perspective Approach
Steven A. Shull - Author
Thomas C. Shaw - Author

CHOICE 2000 Outstanding Academic Book
Provides a multivariate analysis of presidential-congressional interaction.

Explaining Congressional-Presidential Relations examines government activities involving direct interactions between presidents and Congress and considers whether they are influenced by executive, legislative, and/or exogenous factors. The book encompasses presidential position taking on legislative votes...(Read More)
Powersharing (May 1996)
White House-Cabinet Relations in the Modern Presidency
Shirley Anne Warshaw - Author

This study of presidential administrations from Nixon through Clinton discusses how and why the White House has become the dominant player in the domestic policy process, relegating the departments to implementation, rather than design, of key initiatives.

“Powersharing is a major study of cabinet-White House relations in the modern presidency. Professor Warshaw argues forcefully that presidents need a strong...(Read More)
A Decade of Deficits
A Decade of Deficits (July 1992)
Congressional Thought and Fiscal Action
Steven E. Schier - Author

Since 1980, the national agenda and the attention of Congress have been focused on federal budget deficits. This is the first book, however, to examine how lawmakers think about fiscal problems and to emphasize individual legislators' economic beliefs. Based on interviews with 110 members of Congress, the book includes an assessment of Congress's capacity to make sound fiscal policy in the future.

"This book gets inside Congress as few have...(Read More)
Revealing Lives
Revealing Lives (November 1990)
Autobiography, Biography, and Gender
Susan Groag Bell - Editor
Marilyn Yalom - Editor

In this book gender is the lens through which autobiography and biography are scrutinized. The authors show what is revealed when they magnify the gendered aspects of both men's and women's writing. The eternal questions of identity, choice, responsibility, happiness, tragedy, and even death are interpreted in terms of gender analysis.

The book presents a sequence of studies from the early nineteenth to the late twentieth century that inclu...(Read More)
Comparative Legislative Reforms and Innovations
Comparative Legislative Reforms and Innovations (June 1977)
Abdo I. Baaklini - Editor
James J. Heaphey - Editor

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