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Building a Smarter University
Building a Smarter University (October 2014)
Big Data, Innovation, and Analytics
Jason E. Lane - Editor
Nancy L. Zimpher - Foreword by

Demonstrates how universities can use Big Data to enhance operations and management, improve the education pipeline, and educate the next generation of data scientists.

The Big Data movement and the renewed focus on data analytics are transforming everything from healthcare delivery systems to the way cities deliver services to residents. Now is the time to examine how this Big Data could help build smarter univer...(Read More)
Portable Communities
Portable Communities (October 2008)
The Social Dynamics of Online and Mobile Connectedness
Mary Chayko - Author

RUNNER-UP – 2009 Association for Humanist Sociology Book Award

Looks at the social implications of having constant access to others through cell phones, wireless computers, and other electronic devices.

“I blog, text, IM, email, and I don’t like to be without my cell phone or have to shut it off—even in a theater. Let’s put it this way, my ‘connections&r...(Read More)
The Impact of the Internet on Our Moral Lives
The Impact of the Internet on Our Moral Lives (February 2005)
Robert J. Cavalier - Editor

Leading theorists explore how the Internet impacts privacy issues, sensitivity to wrongdoing, and cultural and personal identity.

Investigating the impact of the Internet from multiple philosophical perspectives, this book explores issues the Internet poses for our sense of privacy, sensitivity to wrongdoing, and our cultural and personal identity. The electronic culture that influences almost every aspect of our dail...(Read More)
Writing Inventions
Writing Inventions (July 2001)
Identities, Technologies, Pedagogies
Scott Lloyd DeWitt - Author

Winner of the 2002 Computers & Composition Distinguished Book Award

A collection of instructional stories, research, and classroom applications for teachers who use computers in their writing instruction.

The increasing role of computer technology in the classroom has left many teachers searching for resources that will make sense of complex theories and provide them with practical pedago...(Read More)
Ecologies of Knowledge
Ecologies of Knowledge (July 1995)
Work and Politics in Science and Technology
Susan Leigh Star - Editor

This collection of articles provides a comprehensive overview of personal and public issues related to social change and how they shape scientific and technical knowledge.
"This collection illustrates the robustness of theoretical concerns in the field in their applicability to the diverse subject matter of science studies, well represented here in the inclusion of studies in biological and physical sciences along with technology. Assembl...(Read More)
Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs
Adaptive Technology for Special Human Needs (May 1995)
Arlene Brett - Author
Eugene F. Provenzo Jr. - Author

This book provides an overview of the use of computers to assist individuals who have disabilities. The book provides the reader with a comprehensive introduction to the possibilities and limitations inherent in the emerging field of Adaptive Technology.

Besides providing a general overview of how computers can augment the functions of individuals both physically and mentally, the book goes on to describe in detail currently available hardwar...(Read More)
Approaches to Computer Writing Classrooms
Approaches to Computer Writing Classrooms (August 1993)
Learning From Practical Experience
Linda Myers - Editor

This text provides a variety of practical and theoretical approaches to computer classroom design. Pedagogical, ethical, and political issues are discussed as well as nuts-and-bolts construction, adapting teaching styles to a CAI environment, use of specific hardware and software, and speculation regarding future electronic learning environments.

"My first thought went like this: 'Oh no, not another book about computer labs.' But after I r...(Read More)
Natural and Artificial Minds
Natural and Artificial Minds (August 1993)
Robert G. Burton - Editor

This book describes and explores six current approaches to the study of mind: the neuroscientific, the behavioral, the competence approach, the ecological, the phenomenological, and the computational. No other book in cognitive science covers such a broad range of research programs and topics in such a balanced fashion. The first chapter is a mini-history and philosophy of psychology which reviews some of the scientific developments and philosophic...(Read More)
dBASE-From the Dot Prompt
dBASE-From the Dot Prompt (June 1993)
An Introduction to Structured Programming Using dBASE IV
Warren M. Littlefield - Author

This is an introduction to systems programming using dBASE IV as a first programming language. The author uses dBASE IV (version 1.1 or 1.5) because it is the easiest language to learn initially, and applications can be up and running more easily and quickly.

This textbook is very easy to use. The results of commands are shown on monitor screens illustrated in the text. Page two begins the creation of a data base with immediate interactio...(Read More)
Computers and Cultural Diversity
Computers and Cultural Diversity (February 1991)
Restructuring for School Success
Robert A. DeVillar - Author
Christian J. Faltis - Author

This is an extremely important book for educators concerned with substantively addressing the issues facing public schooling as we move into the 1990's: first, because it examines critically the increasingly important role of technology in the instructional process, and second, because it confronts head-on the most significant challenge of education in our nation today -- how to make schools work for minority students and communities in the face of...(Read More)
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