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Rethinking Autonomy
Rethinking Autonomy (January 2013)
A Critique of Principlism in Biomedical Ethics
John W. Traphagan - Author

Provides a critique of and alternative to the dominant paradigm used in biomedical ethics by exploring the Japanese concept of autonomy.

This groundbreaking book offers a critical examination of the concept of autonomy, one with major implications for biomedical ethics. Working from the perspectives of ethnography and medical anthropology, John W. Traphagan argues that the notion of autonomy as a foundational ...(Read More)
Before Revelation
Before Revelation (February 1995)
The Boundaries of Muslim Moral Thought
A. Kevin Reinhart - Author

Studies the development of Muslim jurisprudential and theological thought by analyzing the dispute that raged from the ninth to the nineteenth century over the assessment of acts that took place before the Qur'anic Revelation.
"This is a lively and interesting book as well as a valuable addition to contemporary studies in Islamic theology and jurisprudence." -- Jane Dammen McAuliffe, Chair, Department for the Study of Religion, Universit...(Read More)
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