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Defying the Odds
Defying the Odds (December 2006)
Class and the Pursuit of Higher Literacy
Donna Dunbar-Odom - Author

Examines why some working-class students pursue higher literacy while others don’t.

“For me, literacy is … like trying to open a locked door with the wrong key … I don’t always see the meaning at first and usually I have to have someone … let me in with their key. I tend to think that being in college is enough, but it still isn’t going to guarantee higher literacy for me...(Read More)
Sins against Science
Sins against Science (September 2006)
The Scientific Media Hoaxes of Poe, Twain, and Others
Lynda Walsh - Author

Recounts the fake news stories, written from 1830 to 1880, about scientific and technological discoveries, and the effect these hoaxes had on readers and their trust in science.

Lynda Walsh explores a provocative era in American history—the proliferation of fake news stories about scientific and technological discoveries from 1830 to 1880. These hoaxes, which fooled thousands of readers, offer a first-hand lo...(Read More)
Critical Power Tools
Critical Power Tools (July 2006)
Technical Communication and Cultural Studies
J. Blake Scott - Editor
Katherine V. Wills - Editor
Bernadette Longo - Editor

Winner of the 2007 National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE) Award for Best Collection of Essays on Technical and Scientific Communication

The first sourcebook for rethinking technical communication theory, practice, pedagogy, and research through a cultural studies lens.

The first book to focus on the intersection of cultural studies and technical communication, Critic...(Read More)
Heidegger and Rhetoric
Heidegger and Rhetoric (September 2005)
Daniel M. Gross - Editor
Ansgar Kemmann - Editor

Leading scholars address Heidegger’s 1924 lecture course, “Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy.”

Featuring essays by renowned scholars Michael J. Hyde, Theodore Kisiel, Mark Michalski, Otto Pöggeler, and Nancy S. Struever, this book provides the definitive treatment of Martin Heidegger’s 1924 lecture course, “Basic Concepts of Aristotelian Philosophy.” A deep and or...(Read More)
Women and Children First
Women and Children First (August 2005)
Feminism, Rhetoric, and Public Policy
Sharon M. Meagher - Editor
Patrice DiQuinzio - Editor

A critique of public policy rhetoric from multiple feminist perspectives.

This diverse collection explores the rhetoric of a wide range of public policies that propose “to put women and children first,” including homeland security, school violence, gun control, medical intervention of intersex infants, and policies that aim to distinguish “good” from “bad” m...(Read More)
The Function of Theory in Composition Studies
The Function of Theory in Composition Studies (July 2005)
Raul Sanchez - Author

Offers an extended critique of key assumptions in composition theory and a new paradigm for thinking about writing in an increasingly globalized and textualized world.

How can theory improve our knowledge of writing? Raúl Sánchez answers this question by examining dominant theoretical trends in composition studies over the last fifteen years, citing their common origins in a narrow, representational metatheo...(Read More)

Calling Cards
Calling Cards (March 2005)
Theory and Practice in the Study of Race, Gender, and Culture
Jacqueline Jones Royster - Editor
Ann Marie Mann Simpkins - Editor

2006 Nancy Dasher Award for Best Book on Professional and Pedagogical Issues

Explores personal and professional issues in the study of race, gender, and culture.

In recent decades, the concepts of race, gender, and culture have come to function as "calling cards," the terms by which we announce ourselves as professionals and negotiate acceptance and/or rejection in the academic mark...(Read More)
Writing Environments
Writing Environments (February 2005)
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor
Christopher J. Keller - Editor

Including interviews with several of America's leading environmental writers, this volume addresses the intersections between writing and nature.

Writing Environments
addresses the intersections between writing and nature through interviews with some of America's leading environmental writers. Those interviewed include Rick Bass, Cheryll Glotfelty, Annette Kolodny, Max Oelschlaeger, Simon J. Ortiz, David Quammen, ...(Read More)
The Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition
The Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition (January 2005)
Richard Graff - Editor
Arthur E. Walzer - Editor
Steven Mailloux - Afterword
Janet M. Atwill - Editor

Interrogates the story of rhetoric promoted in standard historical accounts and reconsiders the relationship between rhetorical theory, practice, and pedagogy.

The Viability of the Rhetorical Tradition
reconsiders the relationship between rhetorical theory, practice, and pedagogy. Continuing the line of questioning begun in the 1980s, contributors examine the duality of a rhetorical canon in determining if past pract...(Read More)
Radical Relevance
Radical Relevance (January 2005)
Toward a Scholarship of the Whole Left
Laura Gray-Rosendale - Editor
Steven Rosendale - Editor

Exemplifies the struggles of scholars to work toward a more shared agenda for social change.

In an effort to rethink the left, this interdisciplinary collection weaves together some of today's most powerful voices in contemporary left critical thought as they examine the fragmentation of American movements for social change, evaluate what critical scholarship might contribute to the task of renewing (or creating) a mo...(Read More)
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