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Magic, Rhetoric, and Literacy
Magic, Rhetoric, and Literacy (August 1994)
An Eccentric History of the Composing Imagination
William A. Covino - Author

"William Covino has written a powerful and deeply engaging book. I am quite taken by his ability to make a subject like magic--a topic susceptible to either an unscholarly 'light' treatment or to an unfortunate academic dismissal--accessible to a broad audience and viable to scholars. I also especially admire the range of his concerns and the thoroughness with which he grounds his discussion in theory and history." -- George Kalamaras, Indiana Unive...(Read More)
Ecotone (July 1994)
Wayfaring on the Margins
Florence R. Shepard - Author

Ecotone: Wayfaring on the Margins, a personal history of place, is written from the perspective of a teacher, naturalist, and feminist and uses the metaphor of the biological ecotone as the boundary where inner and outer landscapes of the woman/nature continuum meet.

In this book, Krall proposes a counter-narrative to the usual reading of marginality. In autobiographical narrative that rings with experience, she describes margins as r...(Read More)
Writing With
Writing With (July 1994)
New Directions in Collaborative Teaching, Learning, and Research
Sally Barr Reagan - Editor
Thomas Fox - Editor
David Bleich - Editor

This collection of essays on diverse issues in collaborative work illuminates the next direction for the study and practice of collaboration in classrooms and research projects. The essays probe more deeply than any previous work into the political, social, and individual psychologies of students, teachers, and researchers working together. Beginning with a critique of the ideology of individualism, the authors treat classroom issues at all levels...(Read More)
Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom
Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom (May 1994)
Gary A. Olson - Editor
Sidney I. Dobrin - Editor

"...Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom comes into place at a critical moment. We have worked assiduously to flesh out the ways and means of composition for a new era. This text helps to document our way." --Jones Royster, from the Foreword

Composition Theory for the Postmodern Classroom is a collection of the most outstanding articles published in the Journal of Advanced Composition over the last decade. T...(Read More)
Inquiry and Reflection
Inquiry and Reflection (April 1994)
Framing Narrative Practice in Education
Diane DuBose Brunner - Author

Inquiry and Reflection shows how stories of schooling can elucidate difficult, and unexamined problems facing teachers. While professional texts tend to raise issues of power and its distribution and questions of culture and ideology, often the manner of presentation is abstract, and pre-service teachers have difficulty making connections. Yet literary, film, and video materials illuminate problems and suggest ideas to which teachers can act...(Read More)
Reclaiming the Tacit Dimension
Reclaiming the Tacit Dimension (April 1994)
Symbolic Form in the Rhetoric of Silence
George Kalamaras - Author

"A thoughtful treatment of a surprisingly important subject."--Peter Elbow, University of Massachusetts

"Kalamaras's thesis is an important one, especially at this time. He addresses a blind spot in current speculation by authenticating silence as a mode of knowing. Our thinking has been so impressed with the inevitability of language and the problem of linguistic recursion (how can language describe itself) that even the possibility of non-...(Read More)
Dyke Ideas
Dyke Ideas (March 1994)
Process, Politics, Daily Life
Joyce Trebilcot - Author

Dyke Ideas is a passionate and insightful contribution to lesbian philosophy. The main value is wimmin--women separate from men and men's inventions. "Craziness," guilt, competition, sex, and other topics are explored in ways that reject male values and move toward wimmin-identified cultures.

Method is central. The authoritarian, God's-eye stance typical of academic writing is disavowed in favor of an approach that denies that others "...(Read More)
reverberations (March 1994)
across the shimmering CASCADAS
Jeffner Allen - Author

This is a groundbreaking work of poetry, autobiography, lesbian studies, multicultural writing, feminist philosophy, and postmodernism. Jeffner Allen achieves a crossing of borders and complex worlds often heralded in feminist theory but rarely attempted.

These abundance writings are intimate chattings that celebrate collisions transitions unexpected that welcome fluidity a breathing that traverse deaths and lives...(Read More)
Linguistics for Writers
Linguistics for Writers (February 1994)
Colleen Donnelly - Author

"I like the basic conception of the book--bringing linguistics to bear on composing. The summaries of linguistic knowledge are cogent; understandable for non-expert readers without being condescending. I think this book successfully does what some others have tried but failed to do well--translate linguistics in a practical way for rhetorical contexts." -- Evelyn Ashton-Jones, University of Idaho

This book is designed so that writers, teach...(Read More)
Teaching Writing
Teaching Writing (November 1986)
Pedagogy, Gender, and Equity
Cynthia Caywood - Editor
Gillian R. Overing - Editor

This anthology explores the relationship between feminism and writing theory. The chapters cover the major issues: basic pedagogical theory and philosophical approaches to the teaching of writing, studies of problems encountered by female writers and writing instructors, and useful how-to essays on classroom technique. The authors also address important, provocative questions about power in the classroom--its use, abuse, and distribution.

...(Read More)
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