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Imaginary Christs
Imaginary Christs (August 2000)
The Challenge of Christological Pluralism
Richard Grigg - Author

Discusses the issue of christological pluralism--the panoply of competing visions of Christ that exist today--and provides criteria for evaluating these.

What should those attracted to the figure of Jesus Christ make of all the different Christs available to them? Amidst today's pluralism, we encounter Christ as liberator, the cosmic Christ, feminist Christs, Black Christs, Christ as the object of mystical longing, and various New Age ...(Read More)
The Church as Counterculture
The Church as Counterculture (June 2000)
Michael L. Budde - Editor
Robert W. Brimlow - Editor

Explores a new Christian identity in which churches reclaim their roles as communities of disciples to constitute a countercultural reality and challenge to secular society and existing power relations.

The question, "What does it mean to be 'the church'?" has always been among the most controversial and of vital concern to political, economic, and ecclesial leaders alike. How it is answered influences whether Christianity will be a fo...(Read More)
Jesus' Teaching on Repentance
Jesus' Teaching on Repentance (January 2000)
J.D. Choi - Author

Based on a close reading of New Testament passages, Choi counters the theses on repentance and restitution proposed by New Testament scholar E. P. Sanders.

A Global Academic Publishing Book

Paradise and Paradigm
Paradise and Paradigm (May 1999)
Key Symbols in Persian Christianity and the Baha'i Faith
Christopher Buck - Author

Comparing paradise imagery in two Persian religions, early Syriac Christianity and the Baha'i Faith, this work contributes to religious studies methodology by introducing "symbolic paradigm analysis."

If the Baha'i Faith has a specialist in comparative religion, it is Christopher Buck … This volume is certainly … the best comparative work on the Baha'i Faith and another religious tradition...(Read More)
The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages
The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages (April 1999)
Nancy van Deusen - Editor

Surveys the influence of the Psalms in the Middle Ages, giving a unique window into the intellectual, spiritual, and emotional culture of the period.

The Psalms were an important part of the education, daily life, and spiritual development of medieval clerics and monks, and they had a significant impact on lay culture as well. The Place of the Psalms in the Intellectual Culture of the Middle Ages surveys their in...(Read More)
Process, Praxis, and Transcendence
Process, Praxis, and Transcendence (January 1999)
James L. Marsh - Author

Presents a North American philosophy of liberation that defends both metaphysics and philosophy of religion, and acts as a critique of neo-imperialism.

Process, Praxis, and Transcendence is a North American philosophy of liberation that defends both metaphysics and philosophy of religion. The book moves from an existential phenomenology of the knowing and choosing subject through affirmation of a processive and l...(Read More)
Trithemius and Magical Theology
Trithemius and Magical Theology (December 1998)
A Chapter in the Controversy over Occult Studies in Early Modern Europe
Noel L. Brann - Author

An examination of Trithemius's "magical theology," which argued for the compatibility of magic and Christian doctrines, and its influence during the Renaissance and Reformation.

Through an examination of Benedictine abbot Trithemius (1462-1516), this book explores the intersection of the early modern debate over occult studies with a number of contemporaneous developments: late medieval mysticism, the revival of ancient...(Read More)
Thomas Merton's American Prophecy
Thomas Merton's American Prophecy (January 1998)
Robert Inchausti - Author

Presents Thomas Merton as the quintessential American outsider who defines himself in opposition to the world and then discovers a way back into dialogue with that world and compassion for it.

"This is a fresh approach to Thomas Merton, situating him as an 'apostle' and 'prophet' in American intellectual history. His prophetic gifts were many, but in articulating whatever issues faced Americans, his voice remained faithf...(Read More)
Fidelity with Plausibility
Fidelity with Plausibility (January 1998)
Modest Christologies in the Twentieth Century
Wesley J. Wildman - Author

"This book's scope is unusually wide: it truly deals with Christology across the whole range of relevant issues--philosophical, historical, scientific, religious. It has a clear, consistent thesis: the advocacy of 'modest Christologies.' The thesis has significant originality, for Wildman points out strikingly the way in which 'modest' Christologies need not be 'low' ones and the way in which Christologies may make many 'modest' sounds and still rem...(Read More)
Guide to the Bible
Guide to the Bible (January 1998)
The Hebrew Scriptures (or Old Testament), Selected Apocryphal Books, The New Testament
Saul Levin - Author

Guide to the Bible grew out of a course Saul Levin taught for many years on the Bible as literature. Designed as an accessible introduction to the Bible for nonspecialists, this work helps readers to understand ancient scripture as its authors intended. By elucidating the cultural context of the ancient world, Levin guides readers to an enriched appreciation of the Bible and its vision of the divine and of the world.