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Crucified with Christ
Crucified with Christ (July 2007)
Meditations on the Passion, Mystical Death, and the Medieval Invention of Psychotherapy
Dan Merkur - Author

Delineates how medieval meditation on the passion of Christ was intended to transform personality—a practice with affinity for the goals of modern psychotherapy.

Crucified with Christ offers a fascinating study of the psychoanalytic character of medieval meditation. Most meditation practitioners imagined themselves in the place of an eyewitness to the passion; however, some, including Bernard of ...(Read More)

Christianity and Human Rights
Christianity and Human Rights (January 2007)
Influences and Issues
Frances S. Adeney - Editor
Arvind Sharma - Editor

A wide-ranging look at Christianity and human rights.

This book addresses the relationship of Christianity and human rights—a relationship fraught with ambiguity. While human rights discourse arose in a Christian culture, it has sometimes stood in opposition to organized Christianity. Christianity has been a champion of human rights; on other occasions it has been a major violator of them. Contributors to thi...(Read More)
In Deference to the Other
In Deference to the Other (October 2004)
Lonergan and Contemporary Continental Thought
Jim Kanaris - Editor
Mark J. Doorley - Editor
John D. Caputo - Foreword by

Explores the work of Bernard Lonergan in light of contemporary continental thought.

In Deference to the Other brings contemporary continental thought into conversation with that of Bernard Lonergan (1904–1984), the Jesuit philosopher and theologian. This is an opportune moment to open such a dialogue: philosophers and theologians indebted to Lonergan have increasingly found themselves challenged by the insights o...(Read More)
God, Evil, and Human Learning
God, Evil, and Human Learning (August 2004)
A Critique and Revision of the Free Will Defense in Theodicy
Fred Berthold Jr. - Author

Revises the traditional free will defense regarding the existence of evil in the world of a loving God.

God, Evil, and Human Learning
explores the age-old question: How is it possible to believe in the God of the Christian faith when the world contains so many grievous evils? Author Fred Berthold Jr. examines the most influential argument used by Christian theologians to answer that question, the "free will defe...(Read More)
The Structure of Religious Knowing
The Structure of Religious Knowing (March 2004)
Encountering the Sacred in Eliade and Lonergan
John D. Dadosky - Author

Provides a critical exploration of Mircea Eliade's notion of the sacred by referencing the work of Bernard Lonergan.

This definitive study brings together the thought of Romanian religious scholar Mircea Eliade with that of Canadian philosopher and theologian Bernard Lonergan to identify the general structure of religious knowing. Applying Lonergan's fourfold levels of consciousness as an interpretive framework, the a...(Read More)
Godhead and the Nothing
Godhead and the Nothing (July 2003)
Thomas J. J. Altizer - Author

An eminent theologian argues that nothingness is necessary in order to fully actualize the Godhead.

Eminent theologian Thomas J. J. Altizer breaks new ground by exploring the ultimate transfiguration of the Godhead as a question of the Nihil or nothingness and God. The Nihil is essential to the full actualization of the Godhead in that it fully occurs in both a primordial and an apocalyptic sacrifice of the Godhead. V...(Read More)
Popular Christianity in India
Popular Christianity in India (October 2002)
Riting between the Lines
Selva J. Raj - Editor
Corinne G. Dempsey - Editor

Explores the lived experience of Christianity in India.

Popular Christianity in India explores Indian Christianity as crafted and expressed through lived experience, providing an important balance to currently available, typically theological, studies. Drawing from many disciplines, this volume unearths the multifaceted terrain of festivals, rituals, saints, miracle workers, missionaries, and visionaries in Ch...(Read More)
Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Religion
Bernard Lonergan's Philosophy of Religion (August 2002)
From Philosophy of God to Philosophy of Religious Studies
Jim Kanaris - Author

Explicates the philosophy of religion emerging from the work of Bernard Lonergan, the esteemed theologian who reinvigorated Catholic thought in the twentieth century.  

Jim Kanaris provides a comprehensive understanding of esteemed theologian Bernard Lonergan’s philosophy of religion and a crucial means of identifying precisely the points of contact between Lonergan’s thoughts on God and religion and the ...(Read More)
Faith, Truth, and Freedom
Faith, Truth, and Freedom (January 2002)
The Expulsion of Professor Gerd Ludemann from the Theology Faculty at Gottingen University: Symposium and Documents
Jacob Neusner - Editor

Examines the expulsion of Professor Gerd Lüdemann from the Theology Faculty at the University of Göttingen.

Faith, Truth, and Freedom: The Expulsion of Professor Gerd Lüdemann from the Theology Faculty at Göttingen University sets forth the documentary record of a signal, significant event in the academic study of religion in the universities of the West. That event is the expulsion of...(Read More)
The Other Side of Sin
The Other Side of Sin (July 2001)
Woundedness from the Perspective of the Sinned-Against
Andrew Sung Park - Editor
Susan L. Nelson - Editor

Offers a fresh viewpoint in Christian thought by looking at sin from the perspective of the sinned-against rather than that of the sinner needing forgiveness.

The good news of Jesus Christ is for both sinners and the sinned-against. For the past two thousand years, Christian theologians have focused on the experience of sinners, but treated their victims inadequately. To counterbalance this perspective, a diverse group ...(Read More)
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