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A Korean Nationalist Entrepreneur
A Korean Nationalist Entrepreneur (April 1998)
A Life History of Kim Songsu, 1891–1955
Choong Soon Kim - Author

During the period of Japanese domination, Kim Songsu emerged as one of Korea's leading cultural nationalists. This life history details his contribution to the self-strengthening programs moderate nationalists advocated as the foundation for Korea's independence.

"Choong Soon Kim's well-written book weaves a history of Korean capitalism and a history of an important and controversial man into a single narrative; in so d...(Read More)
Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets
Changing Roles of State Intervention in Services in an Era of Open International Markets (March 1997)
Yair Aharoni - Editor

Addresses the issues involved in the globalization of services and the resulting changing role of government.
Growth in the services sector has far outpaced the knowledge available to global managers and government officials. Forced to constantly redefine their roles in the face of massive technological changes and a myriad of regional and worldwide trade agreements, these leaders require up-to-date research and analysis in order to make ...(Read More)
Big Business, Strong State
Big Business, Strong State (February 1997)
Collusion and Conflict in South Korean Development, 1960-1990
Eun Mee Kim - Author

Focuses on the paradox of development in the newly industrializing country of South Korea.

This book debunks the rosy success story about South Korean economic development by analyzing how the state and businesses formed an alliance, while excluding labor, in order to attain economic development, and how these three entities were transformed in the process. The author analyzes the paradox of South Korean development from...(Read More)
The Korean Economy
The Korean Economy (January 1996)
Perspectives for the 21st Century
Hyung-Koo Lee - Author

Lee, former South Korean government Minister of Labor for the South Korean government, discusses the country's economic development from 1945-1994 and the public policies that shaped it, arguing that if South Korea is to become a major economic power, the government should withdraw from the economic front line.

"The Korean Economy is a comprehensive diagnosis of the unique path of South Korea's economic developme...(Read More)
State and Business in Modern Turkey
State and Business in Modern Turkey (February 1994)
A Comparative Study
Ayse Bugra - Author

“This is a well written and convincingly argued book, combining theoretical sophistication with empirical investigation. It will be read with interest and profit by the very many scholars in different disciplines whose interest lies in the field of political economy. It contains a rigorous conceptualization with empirical testing of contemporary data and is explicitly comparative in its perspective.” — Maurice Wright, University of Ma...(Read More)
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