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Accounts, Excuses, and Apologies, Second Edition
Accounts, Excuses, and Apologies, Second Edition (November 2014)
Image Repair Theory and Research
William L. Benoit - Author

Updated with a timely literature review and new case studies from sports, international politics, and third-party image repair.

In our constantly plugged-in and connected world, image is everything. People, groups, organizations, and countries frequently come under suspicion of wrongdoing and sometimes require defense. This fully updated edition of the 1994 volume investigates the situations in which threats to i...(Read More)
Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy
Excellence in Communicating Organizational Strategy (July 2001)
Donald P. Cushman - Editor
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor

Essays on how organizations effectively communicate strategy to optimize performance.

Effectively communicating an organization's strategy is at the heart of achieving high performance. Organizational strategy manifests itself in different ways, employing differing tactics at the competitive, crisis, marketing, research and development, manufacturing, training, management, and leadership levels. This book explores each of these proces...(Read More)
Leading the Learning Organization
Leading the Learning Organization (November 1999)
Communication and Competencies for Managing Change
Alan T. Belasen - Author

Using examples from companies such as General Electric, IBM, Kodak, and ABB, Leading the Learning Organization integrates the latest advances in strategic change, managerial leadership, continuous improvement, and learning and development. Belasen provides insightful and provocative views of how high-performance leaders use organizational learning to achieve breakthrough performance. He strongly argues that managers who avoid questioning thei...(Read More)
Corporate Communications for Executives
Corporate Communications for Executives (May 1998)
Michael B. Goodman - Author

This strategic tool for executives to lead, motivate, persuade, and inform numerous audiences inside and outside their organizations explores corporate communication as an executive practice.

"The topic is of considerable significance. Clearly, corporate executives today and in the future must be aware of the globalization phenomenon. This book contains some exciting information about future trends." -- Tom McPhail, Univ...(Read More)
Predicting the Future
Predicting the Future (November 1997)
An Introduction to the Theory of Forecasting
Nicholas Rescher - Author

Develops a general theory of prediction that encompasses its fundamental principles, methodology, and practice and gives an overview of its promises and problems.

The future obviously matters to us. It is, after all, where we'll be spending the rest of our lives. We need some degree of foresight if we are to make effective plans for managing our affairs. Much that we would like to know in advance cannot be predicted. Bu...(Read More)
Developing Communication Theories
Developing Communication Theories (August 1997)
Gerry Philipsen - Editor
Terrance L. Albrecht - Editor

Leading scholars present the principal findings and conclusions of a long-term program of research into the nature and dynamics of human communication.

"One of the most telling criticisms of the field of communication is that it lacks a comprehensive, well-developed theoretical structure. This book both supports this criticism in some of the chapters, where a continuous shifting and borrowing of bits and pieces of a num...(Read More)
Telling the Success Story
Telling the Success Story (June 1997)
Acclaiming and Disclaiming Discourse
Pamela J. Benoit - Author

Pamela Benoit analyzes the success story as a delicate interpersonal accomplishment that involves balancing complimenting, bragging, modesty, and self-enhancement. She argues that success stories are self-presentations that are fundamental to interpersonalcommunication. This discourse involves the negotiation of personal identities and affects relational outcomes. It is important for individuals, businesses, and other organizations to create a favor...(Read More)
Continuously Improving an Organization's Performance
Continuously Improving an Organization's Performance (May 1997)
High-Speed Management
Donald P. Cushman - Author
Sarah Sanderson King - Author

This practical guide for managers demonstrates when, where, and how to implement significant organizational change through teamwork.

This practical hands-on tool kit for managers demonstrates when, where, and how to implement significant organizational change through teamwork. The use of self-managed, cross-functional, benchmarking, and outside linking teams by high performance firms are employed in a case study format....(Read More)
Lessons From the Recession
Lessons From the Recession (April 1997)
A Management and Communication Perspective
Sarah Sanderson King - Editor
Donald P. Cushman - Editor

Explores the differential effects of recession on public and private sector organizations in America, Europe, and Asia.

"This is a unique text that not only discusses problems of recession, but also analyzes its impacts on industrial/organizational stability. It provides very useful answers on how to prevent recession from happening, and also on how to deal with it successfully if and whenever it occurs. Of particular ...(Read More)
Conflict and Organizations
Conflict and Organizations (October 1995)
Communicative Processes
Anne Maydan Nicotera - Editor

Focuses on the constructive nature of conflict and stresses conflict management as opposed to conflict resolution. Presents a comprehensive view of organizational conflict.

This collection provides a well-rounded view of organizational conflict in three broad categories: ways of thinking about organizational conflict, individual processes, and interaction processes. It enriches the positivistic literature on conflict and...(Read More)
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