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Brokering Tareas
Brokering Tareas (November 2017)
Mexican Immigrant Families Translanguaging Homework Literacies
Steven Alvarez - Author

2019 Outstanding Book in Community Writing Award, presented by the Coalition for Community Writing

Provides concrete examples of homework mentorship and positive academic interventions among immigrant families.

Brokering Tareas examines a grassroots literacy mentoring program that connected immigrant parents with English language mentors who helped emerging bilingual children with home...(Read More)
US Latinization
US Latinization (March 2017)
Education and the New Latino South
Spencer Salas - Editor
Pedro R. Portes - Editor

Demonstrates how educators and policymakers should treat the intertwined nature of immigrant education and social progress in order to improve current policies and practices.

Offering a much-needed dialogue about Latino demographic change in the United States and its intersections with P–20 education, US Latinization provides discussions that help move beyond the outdated idea that Mexican and Spani...(Read More)
Onna Rashiku (Like A Woman)
Onna Rashiku (Like A Woman) (August 1998)
The Diary of a Language Learner in Japan
Karen Ogulnick - Author

This original interdisciplinary book combines autobiographical reflections with a scholarly analysis of a diary the author kept while learning Japanese in Hiroshima.

This book bridges theories of feminism and second language acquisition. Karen Ogulnick examines the dialectic between language learning and identity in this original and interdisciplinary book. Combining autobiographical reflections with a scholarly analysis of a diary she...(Read More)
Bilingual Education
Bilingual Education (July 1996)
A Dialogue with the Bakhtin Circle
Marcia Moraes - Author

Examines the theories of Bakhtin and Freire in relation to bilingual education and second language learning.

Bilingual Education: A Dialogue with the Bakhtin Circle is the first book to make a connection between bilingual education and the theories of the Bakhtin circle. The analysis is focused on language as a social entity from the perspective of Bakhtinian dialogic existence. The author includes a discussion...(Read More)
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