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Judy Pfaff
Judy Pfaff (April 2007)
New Prints and Drawings
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Explores the recent print work of Judy Pfaff, one of America’s leading sculptors, printmakers, installation artists, and set designers.

With an introductory essay by curator Brian Wallace, this illustrated exhibition catalogue explores the recent print work created at Tandem Press in Madison, Wisconsin, by Judy Pfaff, one of America’s leading sculptors, printmakers, installation artists, and set de...(Read More)

Indian Ladder
Indian Ladder (January 2007)
A Lyric Journey
John Yang - Photographer

Beautiful landscape photographs of the Helderberg Escarpment in New York State by renowned photographer John Yang.

Since 2001, New York City photographer John Yang has captured in amazing detail the beauty of the landscape around Thacher Park, fifteen miles west of Albany, New York. The park is marked by a massive wall of rock nearly 1,100 feet in height, known as the Helderberg Escarpment. It is a prominent ...(Read More)

Modeling Life
Modeling Life (October 2006)
Art Models Speak about Nudity, Sexuality, and the Creative Process
Sarah R. Phillips - Author

A fascinating consideration of the work of life models and the models’ own perspectives on their craft.

This is a book about life modeling. Unlike the painter whose name appears beside his finished portrait, the life model, posing nude, perhaps for months, goes unacknowledged. Standing at a unique juncture—between nude and naked, between high and low culture, between art and pornography—the life ...(Read More)
Reading Objects 2005
Reading Objects 2005 (December 2005)
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Offers innovative examples of how to approach art from a variety of academic disciplines and personal perspectives.

Featuring works from the Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art’s permanent collection, this illustrated catalogue documents an interdisciplinary exhibition, hosted periodically by the museum, in which faculty and staff from across the State University of New York at New Paltz campus are invited to re...(Read More)
The Wind and the Source
The Wind and the Source (July 2005)
In the Shadow of Mont Ventoux
Allen S. Weiss - Author

Explores the role of a significant yet elusive feature of the French landscape in literature, philosophy, and art.

What does it mean to love a landscape? Why do certain authors have a predilection for specific landscapes? Why might one be fascinated by a landscape in which one would never wish to live? How does the lay of the land fashion the form of the poem? How does the wind infuse the breath? In The Wind and th...(Read More)
Don Nice
Don Nice (April 2005)
The Nature of Art
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Paintings by contemporary American realist Don Nice, with emphasis on recent works relating to the Hudson Valley.

This selection of sixteen paintings by contemporary American realist painter Don Nice focuses on his work from the mid-1980s onward. A classic figure in American art, Nice brings a contemporary vision to the American landscape tradition. Deeply committed to painting the quintessential landscape, Nice co...(Read More)
Women's Space
Women's Space (March 2005)
Patronage, Place, and Gender in the Medieval Church
Virginia Chieffo Raguin - Editor
Sarah Stanbury - Editor

Art historical and literary perspectives on the place of women in the medieval church.

This interdisciplinary collection addresses the location of women and their bequests within the single most important public and social space in pre-Reformation Europe: the Roman Catholic Church. This innovative focus brings attention to gender and space as experienced in the medieval parish as well as in monastic and cathedral spac...(Read More)
What We Want Is Free
What We Want Is Free (December 2004)
Generosity and Exchange in Recent Art
Ted Purves - Editor

Examines the way recent artists have incorporated concepts of generosity into their work.

Through a variety of lenses, this book examines contemporary artists' use of the "gift"—the distribution of goods and services—as a medium for artistic production. Featuring a detailed survey of over fifty artists' projects from fifteen countries, What We Want Is Free explores how these artists use their ...(Read More)
Rimer Cardillo
Rimer Cardillo (December 2004)
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

The first comprehensive survey of the work of the Uruguayan printmaker and graphic artist Rimer Cardillo, presented in both English and Spanish.

This fully illustrated exhibition catalogue, featuring a scholarly essay by exhibition curator Karl Emil Willers and an interview with the artist by Arnd Schneider, presents the first comprehensive survey of the work of the Uruguayan artist Rimer Cardillo. Inclu...(Read More)
Worldwide Pre-Raphaelitism
Worldwide Pre-Raphaelitism (November 2004)
Thomas J. Tobin - Editor

Examines the influence of the Pre-Raphaelite movement on art and literature around the world.

Pre-Raphaelitism's influence during the long nineteenth century was far-reaching, affecting artistic and literary thought in places, media, and times far removed from its origins in 1848 London. Worldwide Pre-Raphaelitism examines the movement's development beyond England, from the continental "immortals" glori...(Read More)
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