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Art in the Social Order
Art in the Social Order (March 1997)
The Making of the Modern Conception of Art
Preben Mortensen - Author

Seeks to replace the dominant approaches to the question of the nature of art in contemporary English-speaking (analytic) philosophy with a historicist approach that emphasizes localized, cultural-historical narratives.

"Mortensen's work makes a compelling case for the need to develop a properly historical approach to art. He also argues persuasively that although many philosophers have come to recognize this need, the ...(Read More)
Essays on the Nature of Art
Essays on the Nature of Art (November 1996)
Eliot Deutsch - Author

Presents a theory of art which is at once universal in its general conception and historically-grounded in its attention to aesthetic practices in diverse cultures. Argues that art, especially today, enjoys a special kind of autonomy but that it has, nevertheless, important social and political responsibilities.
"Deutsch addresses one of philosophy's enduring questions. He offers a way of understanding how art can be understood both as ha...(Read More)
Zones of Contention
Zones of Contention (July 1996)
Essays on Art, Institutions, Gender, and Anxiety
Carol Becker - Author

Addresses the questions: What might be the role of the artist in the 21st century? How essential is art to the psychic and political well-being of American society?
This collection of essays by cultural critic Carol Becker plumbs particular areas of controversy to understand what information these "zones of contention" might yield about the multifarious culture wars taking place within American society today.
In the process she addre...(Read More)
Excavations and Their Objects
Excavations and Their Objects (February 1996)
Freud's Collection of Antiquity
Stephen Barker - Editor

This is a collection of essays concerned with the thematic implications of Freud's deep interest in the art objects in his collection of antiquity.

"Freud's collection, as well as the act of collecting in itself, are of very great significance. It deepens our understanding of one of the most influential figures of the twentieth century. It also adds to our understanding of Freud as representative of his tim...(Read More)
From Stonecutter to Sculptor
From Stonecutter to Sculptor (January 1996)
Charles Calverley, 1833-1914
Elizabeth K. Allen - Author

First-ever career-spanning retrospective of the nineteenth-century New York sculptor.

The first book-length look at one of upstate New York’s most notable artists, From Stonecutter to Sculptor traces the long and prolific career of Charles Calverley, who completed more than 250 busts, medallions, tablets, and statues during his lifetime. Beginning as a stonecutter in an Albany marble shop, Calverley th...(Read More)
Stylistics (December 1995)
Rethinking the Artforms After Hegel
Richard Dien Winfield - Author

Presents a systematic theory of the artforms (symbolic, classical, and romantic), providing a way of addressing contemporary art and sketching a theory of the individual arts.

Winfield develops a systematic theory of the fundamental styles of art, addressing the most neglected area of aesthetics, without which neither cultural divides, artistic periods, nor the fate of art in modernity can be understood. Stylisticsthoroughly cri...(Read More)
Photography, Vision, and the Production of Modern Bodies
Photography, Vision, and the Production of Modern Bodies (November 1995)
Suren Lalvani - Author

Examines photography and its contribution to changing notions of the body in modernity.

Lalvani argues that modernity represents the powerful privileging of vision and the introduction of a paradigm of seeing that is historically distinctive. Taking the introduction of photography in the nineteenth century as a crucial development in the expansion of modern vision, he draws on the writings of Alan Sekula, John Tagg, Jon...(Read More)
Alumni Art 1995
Alumni Art 1995 (October 1995)
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Highlights the work of fourteen alumni artists from the SUNY New Paltz art department.

For over half a century, the State University of New York at New Paltz has been widely known for its highly professional art program and its distinguished faculty of practicing artists who help students pursue creative interests and prepare for careers in the various art disciplines. Featuring a foreword by exhibition curator Neil...(Read More)
Critical Issues in Electronic Media
Critical Issues in Electronic Media (May 1995)
Simon Penny - Editor

This book offers new critical perspectives on the practice of electronic media art, a field that has sparse critical and theoretical literature. It addresses the relationship between technological change and cultural change and between contemporary theory and contemporary technology.

Critical Issues in Electronic Media is an interdisciplinary sourcebook that offers new critical perspectives directly related to, or...(Read More)
The Art of Living
The Art of Living (March 1995)
Aesthetics of the Ordinary in World Spiritual Traditions
Crispin Sartwell - Author

This is a multicultural philosophy of art applied to common American and European experience and discussed in relation to Taoist, Buddhist, Hindu, Native American, and African traditions.
"This is a refreshing book, engaging in its style and imaginative in the unusual range of materials, from the great spiritual traditions to popular American culture, that Sartwell weaves into the texture of his argument. Reading it was both stimulating a...(Read More)
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