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Robert Morris
Robert Morris (November 2001)
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Drawings by one of the twentieth century’s most intellectually challenging artists.

While Robert Morris is probably best known for his leading role in defining what is known today as minimalist sculpture, his diverse and vast contributions to the world of sculpture, performance, process art, earthworks, and critical theory have established him as one of the most intellectually challenging artists of his time. ...(Read More)
The Rise of Surrealism
The Rise of Surrealism (November 2001)
Cubism, Dada, and the Pursuit of the Marvelous
Willard Bohn - Author

Examines the developments that paved the way for the Surrealist movement in literature and art.

In The Rise of Surrealism, Willard Bohn examines the various literary and artistic developments that prepared the way for the international Surrealist movement--including Cubism, Metaphysical Art, and Dada--as well as the triumph of Surrealism itself. In an analysis that spans the first two-thirds of the twentieth cent...(Read More)
With My Profound Reverence for the Victims
With My Profound Reverence for the Victims (September 2001)
George Bellows
Samuel Dorsky Museum of Art - Author

Lithographs by American painter George Bellows, depicting the horrors and atrocities of World War I.

In the spring of 1918, American painter George Bellows (1882–1925) began a series of lithographs that focused on the atrocities committed by the Germans in Belgium during the First World War. This exhibition catalogue features prints from the War Series as well as six rarely seen lithographs that comment ...(Read More)

Navigators (November 1999)
African American Musicians, Dancers, and Visual Artists in Academe
Theresa Jenoure - Author

Through excerpts and profiles, this inspiring book presents the experiences of twelve African American artists who teach at traditionally White colleges and universities.

Navigators vividly brings to life the stories of twelve African American artists who teach music, dance, and visual arts at colleges and universities that have traditionally been viewed as White institutions. In this captivating and moving book,...(Read More)
Jacques-Louis David and Jean-Louis Prieur, Revolutionary Artists
Jacques-Louis David and Jean-Louis Prieur, Revolutionary Artists (October 1999)
The Public, the Populace, and Images of the French Revolution
Warren Roberts - Author

A comparative study of the French Revolution's most famous artist and a little-known illustrator.

By offering a comparative study of Jacques-Louis David, the most famous artist of the French Revolution, and Jean-Louis Prieur, a little-known illustrator, this book tracks the political careers of the two artists and offers new insights to the relationship between the arts and the politics of the French Revolution.

"By using the co...(Read More)
Performing Pedagogy
Performing Pedagogy (September 1999)
Toward an Art of Politics
Charles R. Garoian - Author

Performing Pedagogy examines the theory and practice of performance art as an art of politics. It discusses the different ways in which performance artists use memory and cultural history to critique dominant cultural assumptions, to construct identity, and to attain political agency. In doing so, Garoian argues, performance artists like Rachel Rosenthal, Guillermo Gomez-Pena, Robbie McCauley, Suzanne Lacy, and the performance art collective ...(Read More)
The Future of Art
The Future of Art (September 1999)
An Aesthetics of the New and the Sublime
Marcella Tarozzi Goldsmith - Author

Draws upon a wide range of aesthetic theories and artworks in order to challenge the view that art is valueless or purely subjective.

By analyzing the three loci of aesthetics--the subjective, the objective, and the absolute--the author concludes that only the sublime demonstrates that art is neither subjective nor objective. The one essential component of art is the new, the sole "instrument" that can guarantee ...(Read More)
Reclaiming the Spiritual in Art
Reclaiming the Spiritual in Art (June 1999)
Contemporary Cross-Cultural Perspectives
Dawn Perlmutter - Editor
Debra Koppman - Editor

Examines the role of the sacred in art and makes a compelling case for its continued contemporary relevance.

"Varied, vigorous, and challenging, this multifaceted work succeeds in making a compelling case for the reviving and sustaining force of the spiritual in contemporary art. The book ranges from theoretical issues to studies of particular artists, and brings together many different strands, each of which off...(Read More)
Writing Paris
Writing Paris (May 1999)
Urban Topographies of Desire in Contemporary Latin American Fiction
Marcy E. Schwartz - Author

Explores Paris as a desired and imagined place in Latin American postcolonial identity, uncovering the city's class, gender, political, and aesthetic resonances for Latin America.

Exploring Paris as a desired and imagined place in Latin American postcolonial identity, Marcy E. Schwartz examines fiction by Julio Cortazar, Manuel Scorza, Alfredo Bryce Echenique, and Luisa Futoransky as she uncovers the city's class, gend...(Read More)
Cultural Activisms
Cultural Activisms (January 1999)
Poetic Voices, Political Voices
Gertrude M. James Gonzalez - Editor
Anne J. M. Mamary - Editor

Offers a multiple-genred mosaic of multiple resistances to oppression through a variety of styles and mediums.

This text presents art and writing which is political rather than theorizing about how art and writing might be political. The wide array of voices and styles is one of the book's strengths as it not only offers a multi-faceted approach toward activism and positive change, but also speaks a range of emotions fr...(Read More)
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