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Cry Lonesome and Other Accounts of the Anthropologist's Project
Cry Lonesome and Other Accounts of the Anthropologist's Project (September 1990)
Miles Richardson - Author

"The author relates anthropological theory to personal and cultural experience. He shows how the scientist, as scientist and person, can reconcile and integrate bias, observation, data, emotion, and inference. He presents a rich mixture of analytical arguments, biographical commentary, and fictional narratives. The stories and the novella depict life in our culture in an artful way. What makes the fiction different from that of most novelists is...(Read More)
From Menarche to Menopause
From Menarche to Menopause (June 1989)
Reproductive Lives of Peasant Women in Two Cultures
Yewoubdar Beyene - Author

While menopause is a universal fact of life, the physiological and psychological effects for women are not the same in all cultures. In this comparative and cross-cultural ethnographic study, Beyene examines the concept and experience of menopause among Greek and Mayan peasant women, uncovering some startling information. Available research and experience thus far suggests that non-Western, nonindustrialized women often do not have the same psy...(Read More)
Drinkers, Drummers, and Decent Folk
Drinkers, Drummers, and Decent Folk (January 1989)
Ethnographic Narratives of Village Trinidad
John O. Stewart - Author

"The stories that make up the body of the text are engrossing and charming at the same time; Stewart is obviously a talented writer of fiction, among the best of contemporary Caribbean writers who have produced a very rich semi-ethnographic corpus on cultural experience in their homelands. The special interest of Stewart's work for anthropologists is that he legitimates ethnographic fiction as a form of doing ethnography in a very persuasive and sop...(Read More)
Choice and Morality in Anthropological Perspective
Choice and Morality in Anthropological Perspective (July 1988)
Essays in Honor of Derek Freeman
George N. Appell - Editor
Triloki N. Madan - Editor

This book explores choice behavior as constrained by culture, biology, and psychoanalytic processes in a variety of ethnographic contexts in Southeast Asia, Oceania, and Africa--the arena in which the controversy between Derek Freeman and anthropologist Margaret Mead's ideas of culture first developed. It also examines the interface between a nomothetic anthropology and a hermeneutic, idiographic anthropology, raising the critical question as to ho...(Read More)
Refugees of a Hidden War
Refugees of a Hidden War (January 1988)
The Aftermath of Counterinsurgency in Guatemala
Beatriz Manz - Author

Political violence and military repression have displaced some two million people in Central America in the 1980s. While conflict elsewhere in Central America has received considerable attention, the war against an unarmed civilian population in Guatemala has largely been hidden from the outside world. The military have waged a particularly brutal and extensive counter-insurgency campaign, leaving thousands dead and prompting several hundred thous...(Read More)
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