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With Respect for Nature
With Respect for Nature (May 2005)
Living as Part of the Natural World
J. Claude Evans - Author

Explores how humans can take the lives of animals and plants while maintaining a proper respect both for ecosystems and for those who live in them.

We eat, inevitably, at the expense of other living creatures. How can we take the lives of plants and animals while maintaining a proper respect for both ecosystems and the individuals who live in them—including ourselves? In this book philosopher J. Claude Evans chal...(Read More)
Animal, Vegetable, or Woman?
Animal, Vegetable, or Woman? (October 2000)
A Feminist Critique of Ethical Vegetarianism
Kathryn Paxton George - Author

Challenges current claims that humans ought to be vegetarians because animals have moral standing.

Kathryn Paxton George challenges the view held by noted philosophers Tom Regan and Peter Singer and ecofeminists Carol Adams and Deane Curtin who assume the Principle of Equality to argue that no one should eat meat or animal products. She shows how these renowned individuals also violate the Principle of Equality, because they pla...(Read More)
Animal Others
Animal Others (September 1999)
On Ethics, Ontology, and Animal Life
H. Peter Steeves - Editor
Tom Regan - Foreword by

Explores questions concerning animals from a continental perspective.

Animal Others
brings together original contributions that explore the status of animals from the continental philosophy perspective. Examined are the moral status of animals, the question of animal minds, an understanding of what it is to be an animal and what it is to be with an animal, as well as the roles animals play in the work of p...(Read More)
Ethical Vegetarianism
Ethical Vegetarianism (January 1999)
From Pythagoras to Peter Singer
Kerry S. Walters - Editor
Lisa Portmess - Editor

"Ethical Vegetarianism offers just the right mix of 'food for thought.' The movement for a more peaceful world has for too long hungered for a book like this. Here, truly, is a volume devoted to what we eat that belongs alongside those more numerous books describing how to cook it." -- Tom Regan, author of The Case for Animal Rights

For vegetarians seeking the historical roots of vegetarianism, for animal rights ac...(Read More)
The Ticking Tenure Clock
The Ticking Tenure Clock (September 1998)
An Academic Novel
Blaire French - Author

Lydia Martin begins her tenure year one book shy, and when a sensational project presents itself she finds herself romantically entangled and ethically challenged.

"Henry Kissinger once quipped that the battles in academia are so bitter because the stakes are so low. This certainly rings true in Blaire French's entertaining debut novel. The full and assistant professors the fictional Patrick Henry Universit...(Read More)
Naturalistic Environments in Captivity for Animal Behavior Research
Naturalistic Environments in Captivity for Animal Behavior Research (December 1993)
Edward F. Gibbons Jr. - Editor
Everett J. Wyers - Editor
Everett Waters - Editor
Emil W. Menzel Jr. - Editor

This book addresses theoretical and pragmatic issues concerning naturalistic environments in captivity for animals. The multidisciplinary orientation of the volume will help regulatory personnel, administrators, and researchers to understand each other's roles and responsibilities in the design, construction, and real-time operation of these facilities. The book also highlights the important value of naturalistic environments in captivity to the sci...(Read More)
The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate
The Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics Debate (July 1992)
The Environmental Perspective
Eugene C. Hargrove - Editor

"This book traces the Animal Rights/Environmental Ethics dispute through the key steps of its history, in the form of the most important original articles, and points the way to a resolution. It is useful to the scholar interested in the animal rights issue and it is appropriate as a textbook in a course in Environmental Ethics at any level, from beginning to graduate. For the beginner, it teaches the key issues in non-technical language and for t...(Read More)
Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights
Hartshorne and the Metaphysics of Animal Rights (July 1988)
Daniel A. Dombrowski - Author

"This book is not simply for philosophers and students of Charles Hartshorne. It is for those who would learn more about the nature of Divinity and of Man's place in Nature." -- Dr. Michael W. Fox, Scientific Director, The Humane Society of the United States

"It adds an important name to the growing roster of informed thinkers who are concerned about how humans do -- and how we should -- treat nonhuman a...(Read More)
Of Mice, Models, and Men
Of Mice, Models, and Men (June 1984)
A Critical Evaluation of Animal Research
Andrew N. Rowan - Author

Too much emotion and insufficient fact. This paradox has long characterized the controversy surrounding animal research.

Of Mice, Models, and Men is the first exhaustive treatment of all areas--empirical and conceptual--relevant to the use of animals in research. It is also the first study to combine regard for the welfare of laboratory animals with a knowledgeable acceptance of the continuing need for research involving animals.
...(Read More)
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