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Thomas Merton's American Prophecy
Thomas Merton's American Prophecy (January 1998)
Robert Inchausti - Author

Presents Thomas Merton as the quintessential American outsider who defines himself in opposition to the world and then discovers a way back into dialogue with that world and compassion for it.

"This is a fresh approach to Thomas Merton, situating him as an 'apostle' and 'prophet' in American intellectual history. His prophetic gifts were many, but in articulating whatever issues faced Americans, his voice remained faithf...(Read More)
Sinners, Lovers, and Heroes
Sinners, Lovers, and Heroes (November 1997)
An Essay on Memorializing in Three American Cultures
Richard Morris - Author

This intriguing investigation of an historically embedded cultural struggle over the possession of America's "collective memory" has significant implications for how we interpret cultural conflict in past, present, and future America.

This book advances the thesis that memorials are fundamentally rhetorical and cultural forms of expression, that a careful examination of American memorializing discloses the contours of at...(Read More)
Genealogical Pragmatism
Genealogical Pragmatism (October 1997)
Philosophy, Experience, and Community
John J. Stuhr - Author

Drawing on the work of popular American writers, American philosophers, and Continental thinkers, this book provides a new interpretation of pragmatism and American philosophy.

"Stuhr's way of relating the American philosophical tradition to contemporary problems is genuinely enlightening. He contributes to the great revival of pragmatism by being one of its most sensible and sensitive interpreters." -- John Lachs, Vande...(Read More)
Too Cheap to Meter
Too Cheap to Meter (October 1997)
An Economic and Philosophical Analysis of the Nuclear Dream
Steven Mark Cohn - Author

Uses concepts from social theory to explore the history and future of nuclear power in the U.S. and to explore the nature of technological change in the U.S. economy.

"This is an important history which should capture the interests of those concerned with what energy sources will be used in the next generation. Cohn achieves two goal s, the history of the rise and fall of nuclear power as a dominant paradigm and als...(Read More)
Weaving Ourselves into the Land
Weaving Ourselves into the Land (July 1997)
Charles Godfrey Leland, 'Indians,' and the Study of Native American Religions
Thomas C. Parkhill - Author

CHOICE 1997 Outstanding Academic Book

Examines how both negative and positive stereotypes of the "Indian" have influenced the study of Native American religions.

It is now over half a millennium since the first sustained contact between the peoples or Europe and North America, yet Native Americans and especially their religious traditions still fascinate those who are not Native. In Weavin...(Read More)
Playing to Win
Playing to Win (April 1997)
Sports and the American Military, 1898-1945
Wanda Ellen Wakefield - Author

Traces the development of U.S. military sports and explains how and why the American armed forces embraced sports as a crucial part of training and entertainment for the men (and ultimately women) in uniform.

This book explains how and why the American armed forces embraced sports as a critical part of training and as entertainment for the men--and, eventually, women-- in uniform. The author traces the development of mil...(Read More)
Georg Simmel and the American Prospect
Georg Simmel and the American Prospect (January 1997)
Gary D. Jaworski - Author

This first book-length examination of the American reception of German philosopher and sociologist Georg Simmel explores the practical and strategic uses of Simmel's ideas.
This first book-length examination of the American reception of Georg Simmel, German philosopher and sociologist, offers a compelling new account of the transatlantic journey of Simmel's ideas. Jaworski draws on archival data, correspondence, interviews, and detailed t...(Read More)
American Patriotism in a Global Society
American Patriotism in a Global Society (July 1996)
Betty Jean Craige - Author

Argues that the transformation of our world into a global society is causing a resurgence of tribalism at the same time that it is inspiring the ideology of political holism and global interdependence.

"There are few topics more urgent than American patriotism in a world that is simultaneously becoming connected and torn apart. In the vortex of forces unleashed by globalism and nationalism, American attitudes are cr...(Read More)
The Immigrant Left in the United States
The Immigrant Left in the United States (April 1996)
Paul Buhle - Editor
Dan Georgakas - Editor

A transnational social history of immigrant-group involvement in radical activities in nineteenth- and twentieth-century America that provides missing links between the immigration experience, the neighborhood, the workplace, politics, and culture.

"What I like most about this book is its unusual coverage of different ethnic and racial groups. Many of the essays have a transnational perspective on immigrant political cul...(Read More)
Memories of Migration
Memories of Migration (February 1996)
Gender, Ethnicity, and Work in the Lives of Jewish and Italian Women in New York, 1870-1924
Kathie Friedman-Kasaba - Author

Offers a comparative historical study of women’s migration from Russia and Italy to New York at the turn of the 20th century. Taking an interdisciplinary and global perspective, the book examines the causes and consequences of women’s migration, contrasting the adaptation experiences of Jewish and Italian women.
"The author provides a brilliant integration of world-system, migration, race and gender literature to recast the experiences of...(Read More)
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