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A New American Labor Movement
A New American Labor Movement (October 2021)
The Decline of Collective Bargaining and the Rise of Direct Action
William E. Scheuerman - Author

Describes how new kinds of direct-action labor movements are emerging to reshape American labor activism in the twenty-first century.

The American labor movement isn't dead. It's just moving from the bargaining table to the streets. In A New American Labor Movement, William Scheuerman analyzes how the decline of unions and the emergence of these new direct-action movements a...(Read More)
United University Professions
United University Professions (June 2019)
Pioneering in Higher Education Unionism
Nuala McGann Drescher - Author
William E. Scheuerman - Author
Ivan D. Steen - Author

Tells the story of the nation’s largest higher education union from its earliest years to its role today as a powerful organization promoting the interests of faculty, staff, and the entire SUNY community.

Public education, from pre-K through higher education, and labor unions, particularly those representing public sector workers, are today under attack from those who question the very need to have such basic institutions...(Read More)
Sports and Labor in the United States
Sports and Labor in the United States (July 2015)
Michael Schiavone - Author

LONGLISTED - 2016 PEN/ESPN Award for Literary Sports Writing, presented by PEN American Center

Overview and analysis of labor relations in the big four American sports.

Are today’s professional athletes nothing more than selfish, greedy millionaires with no idea how ordinary people live? The common perception of today’s professional baseball, basketball, f...(Read More)
Enough Blame to Go Around
Enough Blame to Go Around (January 2014)
The Labor Pains of New York City's Public Employee Unions
Richard Steier - Author

Veteran labor journalist Richard Steier explores the tensions between New York City’s public employee unions, their critics, and city and state politicians.

Since 1980 Richard Steier has had a unique vantage point to observe the gains, losses, and struggles of municipal labor unions in New York City. He has covered those unions and city government as a reporter and labor columnist for the New York ...(Read More)
Passionate Commitments
Passionate Commitments (June 2013)
The Lives of Anna Rochester and Grace Hutchins
Julia M. Allen - Author

2014 Judy Grahn Award for Lesbian Nonfiction, presented by the Publishing Triangle

A story of two twentieth-century American women whose love for each other fueled their work to create an egalitarian world.

Developing their rhetorical skills in early-twentieth-century women’s organizations, Anna Rochester and Grace Hutchins, life partners and heirs to significant wealth,...(Read More)
Guerrillas in the Industrial Jungle
Guerrillas in the Industrial Jungle (March 2012)
Radicalism's Primitive and Industrial Rhetoric
Ursula McTaggart - Author

Examines the metaphors of the “primitive” and the “industrial” in the rhetoric and imagery of anticapitalist American radical and revolutionary movements.

Guerrillas in the Industrial Jungle traces the history of industrial and primitive metaphors in radical American political activism from the 1960s to the present. Focusing on the Black Panther Party; the League of Revolutionary ...(Read More)
Teachers United
Teachers United (April 2007)
The Rise of New York State United Teachers
Dennis Gaffney - Author

The inspiring history of NYSUT, New York State’s largest union, and a powerful progressive force in the state and in the country.

This book tells the story of the rise of New York State United Teachers (NYSUT), New York State’s largest union. Using first-hand accounts by rank-and-file teachers as well as leaders, Dennis Gaffney documents how teachers, once underpaid and hopelessly divided, finally organ...(Read More)
Two Paths to Equality
Two Paths to Equality (April 2002)
Alice Paul and Ethel M. Smith in the ERA Debate, 1921-1929
Amy E. Butler - Author

A comprehensive look at the ERA debates of the 1920s.

In Two Paths to Equality, Amy E. Butler provides a fascinating portrait of two of the major adversaries in the 1920s' battle over equal rights legislation for women in the United States—Alice Paul and Ethel M. Smith. While they shared the goal of full political and legal equality for women, they differed on how best to achieve it. Paul, the author...(Read More)
Steel and Steelworkers
Steel and Steelworkers (April 2002)
Race and Class Struggle in Twentieth-Century Pittsburgh
John Hinshaw - Author

Breaks new ground in the study of an industry and region crucial to the history of American industrial capitalism.

Steel and Steelworkers
is a fascinating account of the forces that shaped Pittsburgh, big business, and labor through the city's rapid industrialization in the mid-nineteenth century, its lengthy era of industrial “maturity,” its precipitous deindustrialization toward the end of the twentieth ...(Read More)
Choosing Where to Fight
Choosing Where to Fight (December 2001)
Organized Labor and the Modern Regulatory State, 1948-1987
Eric N. Waltenburg - Author

Examines how organized labor has decided where to pursue its interests.

Choosing Where to Fight studies how organized labor decided to strategically locate its energies in national policy making. The idea that organized interests divide their efforts among different institutional settings is well known. Waltenburg, however, systematically uncovers the determinants of how labor has decided to engage in one particu...(Read More)
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