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The Nature of Aesthetic Value
The Nature of Aesthetic Value (February 1986)
Hugo A. Meynell - Author

The Nature of Aesthetic Value proposes that aesthetic goodness, the property in virtue of which works of art are valuable, is a matter of their capacity in appropriate circumstances to give satisfaction. It inquires into the nature of this satisfaction, arguing that it consists of the extension and clarification of consciousness. This provides a basis for treatment of the ancient problem of the relation between cultivation of the arts and t...(Read More)
Human Rights and Development in Africa
Human Rights and Development in Africa (June 1985)
Claude E. Welch Jr. - Editor
Ronald I. Meltzer - Editor

Human Rights and Development in Africa focuses on the variety of typical and significant human rights issues that trouble the African continent. The first book to explore these issues in an interdisciplinary manner, its fourteen chapters provide domestic, regional, and international perspectives for assessing the situation. Among the topics given detailed attention are: practices in Southern Africa, women's rights, Islamic thought, the legal...(Read More)
Art and Its Significance
Art and Its Significance (June 1984)
An Anthology of Aesthetic Theory, First Edition
Stephen David Ross - Editor

The philosophy of art, including the theory of interpretation, has been among the most generative branches of philosophy in the latter half of the twentieth century. Remarkable, interesting, and important work has emerged on both sides of the Atlantic, from all the major sources of philosophic thought. For the first time, Stephen David Ross brings together the best of recent writing with the major historical texts and the most influential works of t...(Read More)
Experience as Art
Experience as Art (June 1984)
Aesthetics in Everyday Life
Joseph H. Kupfer - Author

"It is a courageous attempt to think philosophically about up-front human concerns without either pandering or resorting to jargon. The chapter topics are central to human life and Kupfer's treatment of them is informed, animated, and often original....Kupfer's book will become an important contribution to our understanding of contemporary culture." -- John J. McDermott, Distinguished Professor of Philosophy, Texas A&M University

"The wo...(Read More)
Design and Aesthetics in Wood
Design and Aesthetics in Wood (June 1972)
Eric A. Anderson - Editor
George F. Earle - Editor

This book is the result of a symposium on "Design and Aesthetics in Wood," which was held at the State University of New York College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, N.Y., 7-9 November 1967. Concurrent with the conference was an exhibition, sponsored by the College of Environmental Science and Forestry and the School of Art, in which the art objects and industrial products illustrated here were a part.

Part 1, Wood as Ar...(Read More)
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