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Honeymoon Couples and Jurassic Babies
Honeymoon Couples and Jurassic Babies (September 2022)
Identity and Play in Chennai’s Post-Independence Sabha Theater
Kristen Rudisill - Author

Sharkey (April 2022)
When Sea Lions Were Stars of Show Business (1907-1958)
Gary Bohan Jr. - Author

The incredible, true story of the twentieth century's greatest performing sea lion and the man who trained him.

"Sharkey is the natural artist, performing his magic for nothing but love." — Wolcott Gibbs, the New Yorker

Sharkey tells the compelling story of an unusually gifted, trained sea lion who shared the stage with practically every important performer o...(Read More)
Ida Rubinstein
Ida Rubinstein (March 2022)
Revolutionary Dancer, Actress, and Impresario
Judith Chazin-Bennahum - Author

The critical biography of a dynamic and under-represented figure who produced and starred in some of the most innovative works of her day.

Ida Rubinstein (1883–1960) captivated Paris's dancers, composers, artists, and audiences from her time in the Ballets Russes in 1909 to her final performances in 1939. Trained in Russia as an actress and a dancer, her life spanned the artistic f...(Read More)
The Musical, Second Edition
The Musical, Second Edition (January 2022)
A Concise History
Kurt Gänzl - Author
Jamie Findlay - Author

A complete introduction to musical theater from its roots in the eighteenth century through today, written by a master historian.

The Musical, Second Edition, introduces students and general readers to the entire scope of the history of musical theater, from eighteenth-century ballad operas to nineteenth-century operettas, to the Golden Age of Broadway to today. In this comp...(Read More)
Improv for Democracy
Improv for Democracy (October 2020)
How to Bridge Differences and Develop the Communication and Leadership Skills Our World Needs
Don Waisanen - Author

Explores how improv-based teaching and training methods can bridge differences and promote the communication, leadership, and civil skills our world urgently needs.

While much has been written about what democracies should look like, much less has been said about how to actually train citizens in democratic perspectives and skills. Amid the social and political crises of ou...(Read More)
National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame
National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame (August 2017)
Celebrating 30 Years
Lisa Schlansker Kolosek - Author

Explores the rich history, collections, and significance of the only museum in the United States dedicated solely to the art form of dance.

The only museum in the United States dedicated entirely to the art form of dance, the National Museum of Dance and Hall of Fame opened in June 1987, after a short preview season the summer before. This unique and special place celebrates its thirtieth anniversary in 2017. To commemorate this...(Read More)
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