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What the Bee Knows
What the Bee Knows (August 2010)
Reflections on Myth, Symbol, and Story
P. L. Travers - Author
David Appelbaum - Foreword by

“The Sphinx, the Pyramids, the stone temples are, all of them, ultimately, as flimsy as London Bridge; our cities but tents set up in the cosmos. We pass. But what the bee knows, the wisdom that sustains our passing life—however much we deny or ignore it—that for ever remains.” —P. L. Travers

Born in 1899, P. L. Travers is perhaps best known as the author of the Mary...(Read More)
While I Was Dancing
While I Was Dancing (August 2010)
22 Poems
Steve Clorfeine - Author

This collection of poems was written between 2004 and 2009. Working with various partners, Steve Clorfeine developed a form, “moving and writing,” in which one person moves with eyes closed and the other witnesses the movement, after which both write, “free writing” style.

Witnessed moving with eyes closed is based on a form called Authentic Movement, pioneered by Mary Starks Whitehouse and ...(Read More)
Window with 4 Panes
Window with 4 Panes (August 2010)
David Appelbaum - Author

“The Ambiguity of Snow”

Dog wishes, buried

in squinty sun

may never sprout

deeper dreads down

under may deface

even terror’s stun gun

before bright dawn

pours on white cloth

Barry Sternlieb lives in Richm...(Read More)
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