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Chronicling 3,300 miles of history
by Mike Piekarski, Special to the Times Union

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What People Are Saying About Twenty West

“This book is a celebration and a cornucopia of American history and culture. Nelson’s curious and fertile mind runs in many directions as he delivers fascinating stories about such diverse Americans as Buffalo Bill, Joseph Smith, Satchel Paige, George Pullman, Ronald Reagan, and Rutherford B. Hayes, as well as stunning insights into writers from Henry David Thoreau to Emily Dickinson. After the road trip, this is a book to savor by the fire.”
— Hedrick Smith, author of The Russians and Rethinking America

“I like Mac’s way of combining interesting travel narrative with a wide, free-ranging knowledge of literature, geography, history, and local color. I can hear his voice throughout, and his clear, unique angle of vision.”
— Sidner Larson, author of Captured in the Middle: Tradition and Experience in Contemporary Native American Writing

“Neslon’s got it right. He’s an American, along for the ride, from sea to shining sea.”
— Diana Hume George, author of The Lonely Other: A Woman Watching America