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The Structure of Being
A Neoplatonic Approach
The Structure of Being
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R. Baine Harris - Editor
Studies in Neoplatonism: Ancient and Modern, Volume 4
Hardcover - 187 pages
Release Date: June 1981
ISBN10: 0-87395-532-3
ISBN13: 978-0-87395-532-4

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Paperback - 187 pages
Release Date: June 1981
ISBN10: 0-87395-533-1
ISBN13: 978-0-87395-533-1

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Neoplatonism has traditionally been seen as a species of mysticism, or at best as a rhetorical and vaguely decadent development within the religious dimension of Platonic philosophy. This volume shows that Neoplatonism has, on the contrary, a characteristic and definable structure. It presents the logic of Neoplatonism and carefully distinguishes it from the logic of other forms of philosophy.

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Table of Contents


The Logical Peculiarities of Neoplatonism
J. N. Findlay,
Boston University

On Logical Structure and the Plotinic Cosmos
R. M. Martin,
Northwestern University

Some Logical Aspects of the Concept of Hypostasis in Plotinus
John P. Anton,
Emory University

The One, or God, Is Not Properly Hypostasis: A Reply to Professor Anton
John N. Deck,
University of Windsor

Plotinus' Theory of The One
Eugene F. Bales,
Conception Seminary College

Vertical Causation in Plotinus
Michael F. Wagner,
University of San Diego

The Ontological Basis of Plotinus's Criticism of Aristotle's Theory of Categories
Christos Evangeliou,
Emory University

Plotinus and Self-Predication
John Fielder,
Villanova University

Omnipresence and Eidetic Causation in Plotinus
Jonathan Scott Lee,
Knox College

Cantor's Sets and Proclus' Wholes
Robert S. Brumbaugh,
Yale University

The Mathematics of Mysticism: Plotinus and Proclus
Carl R. Kordig,
University of Akron

The Anatomy of a Neoplatonist Metaphysical Proof
Ronald Hathaway,
Temple University

The Idea of False in Proclus
Evanghelos A. Moutsopoulos,
University of Athens

Participation and the Structure of Being in Proclus' Elements of Theology
Leo Sweeney, S.J.,
Loyola University of Chicago


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