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The First Chief Justice
John Jay and the Struggle of a New Nation
The First Chief Justice
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Mark C. Dillon - Author
SUNY series in American Constitutionalism
Price: $95.00 
Hardcover - 304 pages
Release Date: March 2022
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-8785-4



Chronicles the efforts of the first Chief Justice of the US Supreme Court to establish a federal court system during the country's uncertain early years.

The first Chief Justice of the United States, John Jay faced many unique challenges. When the stability and success of the new nation were far from certain, a body of federalized American law had to be created from scratch. In The First Chief Justice, New York State Appellate Judge Mark C. Dillon uncovers, for the first time, how Jay's personal, educational, and professional experiences—before, during, and after the Revolutionary War—shaped both the establishment of the first system of federal courts from 1789 to 1795 and Jay's approach to deciding the earliest cases heard by the Supreme Court. Dillon takes us on a fascinating journey of a task accomplished by constant travel on horseback to the nation's far reaches, with Jay adeptly handing the Washington administration, Congress, lawyers, politicians, and judicial colleagues. The book includes the fascinating history of each of the nine cases decided by Jay when he was Chief Justice, many of which have proven with time to have enduring historical significance. The First Chief Justice will appeal to anyone interested in the establishment of the US federal court system and early American history.

"Judge Dillon's book fills a gap in the literature; it provides a unique perspective on Jay's life and career, focused on but not limited to his years on the Supreme Court. This is an adept blend of biography and case analysis written from the perspective of an author who is also a judge, resulting in an inherently interesting book." — Walter Stahr, author of John Jay: Founding Father

Mark C. Dillon is Justice of the Appellate Division of the New York State Supreme Court (Second Judicial Department).

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