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Fight to Live, Live to Fight
Veteran Activism after War
Fight to Live, Live to Fight
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Benjamin Schrader - Author
SUNY series in New Political Science
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Hardcover - 222 pages
Release Date: July 2019
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-7519-6

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Paperback - 222 pages
Release Date: January 2020
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-7518-9

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Examines US foreign and domestic policy through the narratives of post-9/11 US military veterans and the activism they are engaged in.

While veterans are often cast as a “problem” for society, Fight to Live, Live to Fight challenges this view by focusing on the progressive, positive, and productive activism that veterans engage in. Benjamin Schrader weaves his own experiences as a former member of the American military and then as a member of the activist community with the stories of other veteran activists he has encountered across the United States. An accessible blend of political theory, international relations, and American politics, this book critically examines US foreign and domestic policy through the narratives of post-9/11 military veterans who have turned to activism after having exited the military. Veterans are involved in a wide array of activism, including but not limited to antiwar, economic justice, sexual violence prevention, immigration issues, and veteran healing through art. This is an accessible, captivating, and engaging work that may be read and appreciated not just by scholars, but also students and the wider public.

“There is currently no book on the market that does what this book does (and could do) and I welcome it. There are books on veterans, of course, but there are none that focus in particular on veterans’ activism written by a veteran activist and academic. The book is in many ways a testament to our time and a kind of generational story that I am sure many veterans will relate to.” — Synne L. Dyvik, University of Sussex

Benjamin Schrader is Visiting Professor for Central European University and Bard College’s joint Globalization and International Affairs Program in New York City.

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Table of Contents

List of Abbreviations and Acronyms

1. Autoarcheology of War

2. Forged in War, Battling for Peace

3. Occupy Veterans

4. Enviro-Warriors

5. Fighting Violence in the Ranks

6. Service, Citizenship, and the American Dream

7. Remaking Sense



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