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Towards Continental Environmental Policy?
North American Transnational Networks and Governance
Towards Continental Environmental Policy?
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Owen Temby - Editor
Peter Stoett - Editor
SUNY series in Environmental Governance: Local-Regional-Global Interactions
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Release Date: August 2017
ISBN13: 978-1-4384-6757-3

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Release Date: July 2018
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Examines the challenges of environmental governance in contemporary North America.

What are the most important transnational governance arrangements for environmental policy in North America? Has their proliferation facilitated a transition towards integrated continental environmental policy, and if so, to what degree is this integration irreversible? These governance arrangements are diverse and evolving, consisting of binational and trinational organizations created decades ago by treaties and groups of stakeholders—with varying degrees of formalization—who work together to address issues that no single country can alone. Together they provide leadership in numerous areas of environmental concern, including invasive species, energy efficiency, water, and terrestrial and aquatic wildlife. This book explores these arrangements, examining features such as stakeholder inclusion, organizational activities and functions, and issue comprehensiveness. Overall, the contributors report an underdeveloped policy architecture consisting of fragmented regional transnational networks of stakeholders and underfunded binational and trinational organizations. They also show evidence of substantial policy entrepreneurship and a vibrant informal underbelly to North American environmental governance, which will be vital in the challenging days ahead.

“…the editors have done a great job of maintaining coherency in the work and finding high quality scholars. This book is a much-needed addition to the literature looking at the North American environmental context … Highly recommended.” — CHOICE

Owen Temby is Assistant Professor of Political Science at the University of Texas Rio Grande Valley. Peter Stoett is Dean of Social Science and Humanities at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. He has written several books, including Global Ecopolitics: Crisis, Governance, and Justice.

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Table of Contents

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Irasema Coronado


1. Research on Transboundary Environmental Governance in North America: New Approaches to Existing and Emerging Challenges
Peter Stoett and Owen Temby

Part I: Bilateral and Trilateral Institutional Effectiveness

2. Navigating Overlap Management under NAFTA: The Role of the CEC Secretariat
Sikina Jinnah and Abby Lindsay

3. The CEC, Digital Divides, and Participatory Challenges in the U.S.- Mexican Borderlands
Suzanne Simon

4. The Absence of— and Need for— a Transboundary Environmental Impact Assessment Agreement between the United States and Canada
Olivia Collins and William V. Kennedy

Part II: Biodiversity and Natural Resource Governance

5. The Evolution of Natural Resource Conservation Capacity on the U.S.- Mexican Border: Bilateral and
Trilateral Environmental Agreements since La Paz
Stephen P. Mumme

6. Biodiversity without Borders? Acknowledging and Overcoming Obstacles in the Transboundary
Governance of Endangered Species
Andrea Olive

7. Institutional Features of U.S.- Canadian Transboundary Fisheries Governance: Organizations and Networks, Formal and Informal
Andrew M. Song, Owen Temby, Gail Krantzberg, and Gordon M. Hickey

8. Continental Counter- Invasion: Invasive Species Management in North America
Debora Vannijnatten and Peter Stoett

9. Transnational Networks and Transboundary Water Governance in the Colorado River Delta
Andrea K. Gerlak

10. Environmentalists, Natu ral Resources, and the Fence on the Mexico Boundary
Stephen P. Mumme and Christopher Brown

Part III: Energy and Climate Change Mitigation

11. The Canadian Oil Sands Policy- Planning Network
George A. Gonzalez

12. U.S.- Mexican Energy Relations: Clean- Energy Integration Falling Behind?
Marcela López- Vallejo

13. Fluid Relations: Hydro Developments, the International Joint Commission, and U.S.- Canadian Border Waters
Daniel Macfarlane

14. U.S.- Canadian Subnational Electricity Relations: Interests, Institutions, and Interactions
Ian H. Rowlands

15. The Case for Continental: Examining the Potential for Climate Change Policy Integration in North America
Mat Huff

16. Reflections and Projections on North American Environmental Governance Research
Peter Stoett and Owen Temby


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